Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong on Tuesday, Aug. 27, condemned Hong Chief Executive Carrie Lam for “trashing all the conventional, traditional values” of the territory.

The legislators denounced Lam for threatening to silence pro-democracy voices with executive orders that would give her “sweeping” and “unlimited powers.”

Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo criticized Lam for threatening to resort to executive ordinance to subdue the continuing Hong Kong protests. Referring to Lam’s speech on Monday, Aug. 26, Mo pointed out the inconsistency in the Hong Kong leader’s words.||faaffffff__

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“The latest speech today tells you that on one hand she would say I still have confidence in my own governance and I don’t think I’m losing control, but on the other, she would actually suggest that she would use some so-called emergency regulation ordinance to try to reign in Hong Kong,” said Mo.

Mo told reporters that the executive order that Lam was talking about would give Lam “sweeping powers, unlimited powers to turn Hong Kong or rather her governance from authoritarian to dictatorial.”

Lam met a panel of young Hong Kong people on Monday, Aug. 26, to discuss the pro-democracy protests. She took an unyielding stance, saying that she would use law enforcement to “stamp out that violence.”

“We will adopt one yardstick, one yardstick in dealing with all forms of violence,” said Lam, who continued, “starting a dialogue doesn’t mean that we will condone violence.”

“If violence continues, the only thing that we should do is to stamp out that violence through law enforcement actions,” said the Hong Kong leader.

Clearly, Lam showed no indication of adopting a conciliatory and open policy to resolve the impasse or to listen to the requests of young pro-democracy activists.

Mo condemned Lam for disregarding “all the conventional, traditional values” of the Hong Kong people.

Mo stated that Lam “couldn’t possibly issue such threats over Hong Kong. This is just not right.”

“She is the one trashing all the conventional, traditional values of Hong Kong from human rights to the rule of law to anything that Hong Kong positively stands for,” Mo told members of the media.

Lam rejected criticisms that her government is ignoring protesters’ requests that include the complete withdrawal of the proposed controversial extradition bill and an independent investigation into police use of violence on demonstrators and Hong Kong’s democratic elections.

During the press conference, Mo and other pro-democracy legislators expressed great concern that Lam might carry out her threat to implement an emergency regulation ordinance.

Mo warned of the repercussions of issuing executive orders that would give Lam “sweeping” and “unlimited powers” that would change the chief executive officer’s authority from an authoritarian to dictatorial one.

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