Pope Francis, expressed that the “magic theories” of market capitalism have failed and that the world needs a new kind of politics, according to his new encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” (Brothers All).

“The marketplace by itself cannot resolve every problem, however much we are asked to believe this dogma of neoliberal faith,” the Pope wrote.

“The church made a huge mistake when they elected this communist the Head of the church,” wrote  Joe Hoft, brother of the founder of The Gateway Pundit, commenting on the encyclical, on Oct. 4. 

Francis also refers to private property as a right that is not absolute and has a social purpose. 

“The Christian tradition has never recognized the right to private property as absolute or inviolable and has stressed the social purpose of all forms of private property,” the pope wrote, according to Fox 5 Vegas. 

He also wrote supporting open borders that welcome immigration.

“The immigrant is seen as a usurper who offers nothing. Thus, one comes to think naively that the poor are dangerous or useless and that the powerful are generous benefactors,” Francis said, according to the Italian media outlet Il Giornale. 

Francis’s declarations are an indication of his Marxism, according to his critics, among them the defender of freedom and human rights, Fernando Amandi Sr. in one of his tweets. 

“The Marxist Pope speaks. What a tragedy for the Catholic Church,” Amandi tweeted about the Francis’s message. 

Indiscriminate immigration is rejected by many countries, for whom the entry of large numbers of foreigners is a threat to their culture and national stability.

In the case of the United States, allowing immigration is one of the points on the agenda of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, although President Donald Trump points out how harmful unregulated immigration is to the country.  

For some observers, the immigration proposed by the Democrats is a strategy to increase their power. In addition, the Democratic ideology also shows a definite shift to the left and relies on Marxism. 

If the Democratic Party achieves its goals on immigration, it would increase the population by 77 million, National Pulse reported on Sept. 7. 

About Biden, Brian Burch, president of Catholic Vote said, “Joe Biden’s record makes clear he will not protect our Catholic values or defend our way of life. For Catholics who treasure the faith and their freedom to live it, Biden’s presidency represents an existential threat,” according to Daily Caller. 

Also, Catholic Vote reported in one of its videos, “Joe Biden will force American Catholics to pay for abortions, sacrificing their Catholic values, in order to kneel before the leftist mafia.”

Although the pope had started writing the encyclical before the CCP Virus pandemic, he frames it within the devastation caused by this tremendous disease. 

Criticism of the ideology behind his encyclical is widespread, as seen on social networks. 

“Pope Francis has failed. He has failed Chinese Christians. He has failed Nigerian Christians. He has failed Venezuelan Christians. He has failed. @Pontifex has become an embarrassing failure for Catholics everywhere,” tweeted user Conodrum. 

“Suddenly we have a socialist Pope. I think he should share Vatican’s all the luxurious properties all over the world to the poor people now. @Pontifex,” wrote user Hiro Hamakawa.  

He has failed. @Pontifex has become an embarrassing failure for Catholics around the world,” tweeted user Conodrum. 

“Suddenly we have a socialist Pope. I think he should share all the Vatican’s luxurious properties,” wrote user Hiro Hamakawa.  

The secret treaty between the Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while persecuting Catholics and destroying churches, has stirred up suspicion in international circles.

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