A SECRET settlement of 2009 between Jeffrey Epstein and his “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre will be made public on January 3. It has been kept private, but judges last month ordered it to be made public by January 3 unless “good cause” could be given otherwise.

Prince Andrew was accused by a woman of sexually assaulting her when she was 17. Ms. Giuffre said the duke sexually assaulted her three times when she was under 18.

Virginia Giuffre stated in court documents that she had been a victim of human trafficking and sexual assault by Jeffrey Epstein since she was 16 years old. She believes that she was abused by other powerful men, including Prince Andrew.

The first time occurred in London in 2001. She told the BBC in 2019 that she met Prince Andrew through Epstein and his then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who escorted them to a nightclub.

Epstein, a long-time acquaintance of the Duke of York, was convicted of a sex offense in 2008 and committed suicide in jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on more sex trafficking allegations. Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, a close associate and longstanding friend of Prince Andrew, was found guilty of sex trafficking in a federal court in New York last week and faces a sentence of 65 years in prison.

According to the prince’s lawyers, the evidence is so overwhelming and Ms Giuffre does not reside in the United States that it makes no sense to exchange evidence until that question is decided, as doing so could result in an annulment action.

They said Ms. Giuffre resided in Australia, had an Australian driver’s license, and raised three children with her Australian husband in Perth.

Ms. Giuffre stated her residence as Penrose, Colorado, covering a lawsuit filed in September 2015. She identified her residence as Palm Cove, Australia, in her April 2019 cover letter and checked the box labeled “foreign national or subject.”

She put her address as Ocean Reef, Western Australia, but checked the box that indicated “citizen of another state” in the complaint against the prince.

Since she lives in Australia, the prince maintains that Ms. Giuffre should be disqualified from the suit. Judge Kaplan’s decision does not express a view on the merits of that allegation.

Andrew is not facing any charges, but he attempts to get Virginia’s lawsuit rejected.

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