A Christian priest at Trent College, Great Britain, recently revealed being fired and reported to the “anti-terrorism program” for delivering a sermon in 2019 in which, after answering his students’ concerns, he told them that they should not feel bad for questioning or disagreeing with the leftist LGBT ideology that was being imposed in his classes.

Trent College claims to have a “Christian ethos” in its education; however, it invited the educational organization Educate and Celebrate to its campus in 2018 in order to make its school more friendly to the controversial LGBT ideology, which goes against the traditional values promulgated by the Catholic Church.

The school’s headmaster, Dr. Elly Barnes, has openly stated that the purpose of Educate and Celebrate is to “completely smash heteronormativity, that’s what we want to do,” the British media outlet Daily Mail reported.

The Rev. Dr. Bernard Randall, who had also served as a chaplain at Cambridge University before joining Trent College, delivered a sermon in June 2019 that landed him in serious trouble after questions from a student about why students “are required that we have to accept all this LGBT stuff.”

In his words, Randall tried to point out to his students to be aware of their freedom to decide their ideologies, thoughts, and beliefs. He stressed that no person should be discriminated against or segregated for thinking or having tastes different from the majority. 

He emphasized the Christian ethic of understanding, grace, and kindness, stressing even agreeing with the LGTB idea that people should not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. But he added that students should also not feel they must accept teachings if they believe they are contrary to their faith or beliefs.

Simply put, it is one thing not to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation and quite another to accept the imposition of a radical leftist ideology such as LGTB, just because, if one does not accept it, the person is considered homophobic or discriminates against homosexuals. 

“Now when ideologies compete, we should not descend into abuse, we should respect the beliefs of others, even where we disagree. Above all, we need to treat each other with respect, not personal attacks—that’s what loving your neighbour as yourself means,” Dr. Randall said.

“You should no more be told you have to accept LGBT ideology than you should be told you must be in favour of Brexit or must be Muslim—to both of which I’m sure most of you would quite rightly object,” he added.

After the words were uttered, Justine Rimington, Trent College’s “designated leader for education advocacy,” reported Randall to Prevent, the British government’s counter-terrorism unit that seeks to stop the radicalization of young people.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Randall said: “I was terrified when I found out. I had visions of being investigated by MI5, of men coming to my house at dawn and knocking down the front door. What was I supposed to tell my family? It was crazy.”

Derbyshire police confirmed to the newspaper that the school also reported the priest to the anti-terrorism program, which had received a “precautionary” warning following the allegations. 

In addition to reporting him, the school warned the priest that his future sermons would be reviewed and censored if necessary before being delivered in order to “ensure that requirements are met.”

Eventually, Randall was dismissed from the school, which led him to sue for harassment, victimization, discrimination, and unfair dismissal. His case will be heard by the East Midlands Employment Tribunal on June 14, 2021.


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