President Trump said on Sunday, Sept. 22, that he had no intention to meet with Iran leader at the UN this week.

When asked about whether a meeting at the U.N. with Iran is completely off the table before he headed to Texas and Ohio, the president stated, “Nothing is ever off the table completely, but I have no intention of meeting with Iran. And that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I’m a very flexible person. But we have no intention—it’s not set up. We’re meeting with a lot of leaders. We have about 15 meetings set up, but Iran is not one of them.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said to Margaret Brennan on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday defended President Trump strategy against Iran.

“The strategy is working. We sanctioned the central bank on Friday. Margaret, you have to remember, the sanctions that we put in place ultimately will cause the Iranian regime to shrink by 10% to 15%. They only went in place in May of this year. They’re five months on; we’re at the beginning of the sanctions campaign,” Pompeo said.

“It will deny them the resources to foment the exact kind of strikes we’ve seen. It will deny them the money, the wealth, the resources. They’re operating today in five countries. It’s expensive. They’ve already had to make difficult decisions about whether they will feed their people, provide medicine to their people, or launch missiles into Saudi Arabia. I am convinced the Iranian people see those choices being made, and as time goes on, they will continue to see that those conditions worsen.” Pompeo concluded.

The Pentagon on Friday announced it will deploy additional U.S. troops and missile defense equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as President Donald Trump has at least for now put off any immediate military strike on Iran in response to the attack on the Saudi oil industry, according to The Associated Press.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper told Pentagon reporters this is a first step to beef up security and he would not rule out additional moves down the road. Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said more details about the deployment will be determined in the coming days, but it would not involve thousands of U.S. troops, The Associated Press reported.

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