The U.S. president is taking a prophylactic drug to help prevent becoming infected with the CCP Virus sweeping the globe, and now the Madagascan president has come forward with what he claims is an herbal cure for the virus.

It would seem the two leaders have the best interests of humanity at heart, as both try to demonstrate there is a way for humans to help themselves, not to become encased in fear but to take positive steps to deal with the pandemic.

The scientific community is interested in a claim made by the president of Madagascar that his country has discovered a cure for the CCP Virus, and tests are being carried out. Many, however, are skeptical of the claims.

President Andry Rajoelina made the announcement and purports it to be a “miracle cure” for the infection ravaging the planet.
The herbal medicine, dubbed “COVID-Organics,” consists of a decoction of herbs, the principal one being Artemisia annua, with the common name of wormwood. Artemisia has previously been used for the treatment of malaria, and several other conditions.

Madagascan President Andry Rajoelina (L) in an interview on France News 24. (Screenshot/France News 24)

Researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, in Potsdam, are collaborating with a U.S. company, ArtemiLife in the hope of verifying the claims. “We are working with two independent laboratories to ensure the highest possible quality and exclude any bias in the results,” Peter Seeberger, lead researcher, told VOA in an email response.

Seeberger is hopeful the first results will be back soon. “We have collected a significant body of data but are again repeating the work to make sure any results are reproducible multiple times,” he said. “Within the next couple of weeks, we will be in a position to speak with certainty to the activity of this class of compounds. Logical next steps will be human clinical trials, provided that we have a positive outcome of our current studies.”

Other scientists in African countries are testing the herbal medicine also, with the World Health Organization (WHO) promising to conduct tests on the plant’s effectiveness.


Rajoelina was asked during an interview on France News 24 of proof of the medicine’s efficacy. “The patients who have healed have taken no other product than COVID-Organics,” Rajoelina said. “The patients tend to heal [in] seven to 10 days,” Rajoelina added when asked for evidence.

Rajoelina also said 80 percent of Madagscans use herbal medicines for their health.

Not everyone is convinced, professor Stanley Okolo, the director-general of the West Africa Health Organization, sounded cautious on VOA’s “Daybreak Africa”radio program. “We have not seen the evidence of the research,” he said. “I have heard that it has cured two people, and for us in the medical field and in the health profession, we need evidence before we can support a cure.”

Of 171 patients with the virus, 101 have healed, and the only medicine they have taken was the herbal formula. “It is a natural remedy, nontoxic,” he added. “All it does is save lives,” he said.

Madagascar had 193 confirmed the CCP virus (COVID-19) cases but no deaths as of Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University researchers.

Denis Chopera, a virologist working in South Africa, said that it is likely safe for people to take the medicine, but not to expect a miracle cure. “People are taking immune boosters and so on,” he said on VOA’s “English-to-Africa” radio and TV programs. “So, I don’t think there’s any harm, but I don’t think people should expect that it will treat them and cure COVID-19 because that has not been proven scientifically.”

Rajoelina stressed the world is at war with the virus, and neither military might nor the economic power can defeat the virus. “It is God who gave us these medicinal plants to help our country and help the rest of the world against this disease,” he said.

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