Western countries are increasingly discovering risk factors in the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their nations. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the CCP threat is more significant than the danger of Russia during the Cold War.

Pompeo visited the Czech Republic and said that countering the danger posed by the CCP is more complicated than confronting the former Soviet Union after World War II.

“Today, an even greater threat is the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party’s campaigns of coercion and control,” Pompeo told the Czech Senate, as released by the State Department August 12.

“That’s because the CCP is already enmeshed in our economies, in our politics, in our societies in ways the Soviet Union never was,” he added.

Pompeo mentioned some of the multiple repression strategies and retaliation used by the CCP to coerce countries and subjugate their people.

“The CCP uses economic power to coerce countries,” he said.

He also mentioned the global disaster caused by the CCP virus, which had been hidden for weeks in its place of origin.

“The virulent pandemic that came from Wuhan spread so widely and caused so much damage because the CCP covered it up,” Pompeo said.

He also included among the CCP’s aggressions the violation of the international treaty protecting Hong Kong’s autonomy and the aggressive activities of the CCP in the South China Sea.

He did not leave out the human rights violations committed by forcing millions of Uighur Muslims into internment camps, calling the outrage “the human rights stain of the century.” Here he also mentioned the complicity of the Huawei company in offering its advanced technology to subdue the country’s racial minorities.

Pompeo’s mention of the Cold War made a lot of sense to the Czechs, who had suffered under the Soviet Union’s regime before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The Czech Republic has had no qualms about defying the CCP. They allied with Taiwan by declaring Taipei, its capital, as its sister city. Before doing so, it broke a similar agreement with Beijing, DW reported. The CCP considers Taiwan part of its territory. China directly threatened economic repercussions sending a letter that said: “Czech enterprises with economic interests in China will have to pay.”

The foreign affairs committee of the Czech Republic Senate recommended that the extradition treaty with Hong Kong be withdrawn to protect the rights of the Hong Kong people who take refuge in its territory, persecuted by the new law imposed by the CCP in Hong Kong.

Pompeo also considered with the authorities of the Czech Republic the installation of a 5G network. The Chinese 5G company Huawei has been excluded in several countries to protect national security, which is threatened by the control of this company by the CCP.

“Pleased to speak with Czech Foreign Minister Petricek in historic Pilsen. We are working together with our Czech friends on a clean path for #5G and many other global issues,” Pompeo tweeted.

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