Inclusive law enforcement vehicles will be deployed to crack down on violent crimes against people belonging to a different race.

Cheshire Police Department confirmed taxpayer money will be spent on fluorescent car paintwork that promote “woke” culture and gender diversity. These rainbow police cars will join Great Britain’s nationwide fleet, and be tasked with patrolling cities in search of “hate crimes.”

“Cars are there in the communities on normal policing patrol just to show the community that we want you to come forward,” deputy chief constable Julie Cooke said according to the Telegraph.

Cooke claimed the vehicles will help represent a more diverse community.

“It is there to try and give confidence to our LGBT+ community but also to other underrepresented groups,” he said.

The deputy chief constable claimed it was a small price to police progressive political bias, instead of more “real” crimes.

“The cost is pretty minimal [but the impact is] huge,” she said according to the paper.

In fact, the National Police Chiefs’s Council (NPCC) is so pleased to support the initiative a representative had no idea how much taxpayer money will be spent on automotive paint jobs. This is because each police department operates independently, and decides how many cars will be converted.

Police officers are required to record alleged “hate incidents,” even if there is no evidence showing a crime was indeed committed. Such allegations could appear on an individual’s criminal record.

“Tackling hate crime is a priority for policing,” Deputy Commissioner Mark Hamilton said according to the publication. “Early interventions, such as responding to hate crime, is also one of the most effective actions to reduce the escalation of violent crime and community tensions.”

However, the initiative has drawn fierce criticism from the Fair Cop campaign group.

“We do not see the Metropolitan Police with special cars for knife crime, even though the number of stabbings in London is appalling,” group founder Harry Miller said according to NewsPunch.

Miller suggested the rainbow patrol cars themselves could unwittingly be prejudiced towards white people.

“The second that you see a rainbow car, you know that it is a police force that has made its mind up about some very contentious issues,” he said according to the publication.

He believes law enforcement agencies should be more neutral about controversial topics, and refrain from policing “thoughts and speech.”

“They have literally tied their colours to the mast and painted their cars with their political leanings,” he said. “They are painting rainbows on their cars when we have figures showing that only 7 percent of violent crime ends in a prosecution.”

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