A plumber in England is being praised for refusing to take payment for work from a 91-year-old pensioner.

James Anderson, 52, from Burnley, charged the elderly woman with acute leukemia 0 pounds. The bill was posted online and went viral. 

“No charge for this lady under any circumstances,” the invoice reads. “We will be available 24 hours to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible.”

The post has received positive public reactions and people are saying that Anderson’s act of kindness gives them hope for humanity.

The father of five was pleasantly surprised with all the attention. The plumber has helped thousands of elderly and disabled people since launching his nonprofit plumbing company Depher in March 2017. Anderson said he made the decision after seeing an elderly man poorly treated by another engineer.

Anderson raises money using crowdfunding and donations to run the company. Since 2017, he has provided free or lower-cost plumbing to those in need throughout the winter.

And he’s in debt to the tune of  £8,000 (about $10,000), but Anderson said he doesn’t mind.

“To me, debt is debt… I would rather owe some money to somebody and another person be alive and happy and safe,” he said. “It’s an ethos that’s in my heart and it will always stay there.”

Depher is now on the verge of coming into its third winter period and Anderson is going to expand the reach of the company to the whole of the UK.

“I’ve spoken to quite a few engineers around the country and they’re all for it … it’s just getting the funding,” he said.