A photographer who works full time at a special needs secondary school in the U.K. launched a heartwarming campaign called Down with Disney to spread awareness and show people the beauty of Down syndrome.

Nicole Perkins of Nicole Louise Photography first turned her lens on Down syndrome for her Down Right Beautiful photo series in 2018 where she featured 32 different babies, children, teens, and young adults with Down syndrome.

“I created this because the abortion rate in the UK alone is that 90% of women will terminate their pregnancy if there is a chance of their baby having Down Syndrome,” Perkins told Fox 5.

“There is something so special about people with Down Syndrome and the more people who realize that the better,” she added. “They really do make the world a better place.”

Following the success of Down Right Beautiful, Perkins wanted to do another photo series in 2019 and hoped they would be “a bit more fun and more of a little celebration.” 

Perkins loves Disney and wanted a fun theme for her photoshoot. She decided to cast children with Down syndrome as Disney characters and the results were truly heartwarming. 

Down With Disney 2019… Created to celebrate the beauty of Down Syndrome. So far our posts have reached over 8millon…

Posted by Nicole Louise Photography on Saturday, November 9, 2019

“The response has been incredible, and it was so much fun creating the images,” Perkins told GMA. “I have met some amazing families in the process and I’m so glad to see the joy the images of their children have brought to so many people.”

“I hope people take away the fact that there is a lot more to Down syndrome than what you are told in a hospital. They are such beautiful special people and the world is a much better place with them in it,” Perkins continued.

Her 12-day campaign called Down with Disney includes many favorites such as “Peter Pan,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Frozen” and “Toy Story,” among others.