Scientists in Israel, one of the countries that administered the largest number of vaccines to its population, conducted a study to analyze the immunity of the Pfizer vaccine in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The results showed that the natural immunity generated by people who were once infected is slightly higher than those who were vaccinated, Life Site reported.

While the difference in immunity between vaccinated and unvaccinated is not that great, it does raise the question of why governments around the world, following the recommendations of health authorities, are pushing for people to be vaccinated when people themselves can naturally achieve immunity to the COVID-19, or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus as it is also called.

The three-month research conducted by scientists from the Israel Institute of Technology, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv University, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem aimed to “evaluate the efficacy of both pre-infection and vaccination protection in preventing subsequent infection, hospitalization for COVID-19, severe illness and death from COVID-19.”

The researchers focused on four groups of people: being vaccinated, unvaccinated, previously infected, and not previously infected. 

The results showed that the overall efficacy of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine against infection was 92.8 percent, slightly below the natural immunity from prior infection, which the study found to be 94.8 percent.

Another finding of the study was that unvaccinated persons who generated natural immunity were better protected and prepared in the event of reinfection than vaccinated persons who had not been previously infected, at 96.4 percent and 94.4 percent, respectively.

Concerning death from coronavirus, the study did not present precise data for comparison.

According to the researchers, the double dose of the Pfizer vaccine is 93.7 percent effective against death from CCP Virus, i.e., 6.3 percent of the candidates died from coronavirus after being vaccinated. However, of the unvaccinated and autoimmune individuals, only one died in the three-month period, although it is unclear what percentage this represents.

The data used in the study were provided by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Central Bureau of Statistics, which collected information on individuals from across the country, making the research the most comprehensive large-scale investigation that has explored natural protection due to prior infection with COVID-19 compared to the Pfizer vaccine.

Although the study concludes that both Pfizer vaccination and autoimmunity are important in mitigating the pandemic, the fact that the human body’s natural immunity is more effective and certainly safer than vaccines raises the question of why governments around the world have set their sights on vaccines as the answer to the pandemic.

In addition, the number of deaths and serious adverse effects linked to experimental coronavirus vaccines have indeed called into question the safety of these vaccines.

Based on the ‘science,’ health authorities such as Dr. Fauci have recommended that to return to normalcy, i.e., eliminate the Orwellian measures of restricting people’s movement, not allowing social gatherings, or even working for a living, 80 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated.

But ‘science’ seems to be selective as the study on what happened in Israel, which has a record of 55 percent of the population vaccinated, which is also ‘science’ and well-founded, proves that the autoimmunity that people have developed should be enough to lift the lockdowns and allow people to return to their everyday lives.

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