The historic era of peace that begins in the Middle East—Israel, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain—without spilling a single drop of blood, thanks to President Donald Trump, is minimized by the press and this fact generates criticism.

“I wish this was getting more attention and credit,” said Fox News anchor Meghan McCain, considering the poor media coverage of the landmark agreement that ends decades of violent confrontation.

“I know that it’s hard to give any wins to the Trump administration, but I always try to be fair and call balls and strikes like we see it. You’re seeing a total geopolitical realignment in the Middle East against Iran and for Israel. And there are rumors that Saudi Arabia could be joining,” McCain said on Sept. 16.

She also noted, “And I saw President Trump talk about it and was really pleased yesterday. And this is getting very little attention in the scheme of things for just how big it is.”

The only media that highlighted the date of the event was ABC, calling it a “great day” because of the signing of the peace agreement, while for CNN the ceremony was a risk to the health of the audience, and for NBC News this was not “peace in the Middle East.”

The outlook for other countries in the region to join in is positive, according to White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, a solution with Palestine is now “more likely.”

“I am very confident that that will make it more likely that there will be a resolution with the Palestinians in a fairway at a time people are ready to make peace,” Kushner said, according to Fox News.

Going even further, he did not rule out the possibility that even Iran might join the Middle East peace initiative.

“All these leaders getting together signing a peace agreement … it makes you realize that anything is possible,” Kushner responded when asked about the possibility of Iran signing the peace agreement.

“This really signals the beginning of the president bringing people together. A lot of people said when President Trump was elected that he’d be bringing war and chaos, but what he’s bringing today is peace,” Kushner recalled according to Time of Israel.