Indonesia, the Asian country that has surpassed India as the new epicenter of COVID-19 this July, is now seeing its doctors die from the virus. 

Two weeks into July, Indonesia has already lost 114 doctors due to the virus. Compared to the overall death toll of 545 doctors since the pandemic’s arrival, this number equates to more than 20% of the overall fatalities, said Indonesian officials in a virtual news conference and reported by Reuters

By the end of last month, the number of medical workers who have died because of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19, in general, was close to 1,000 cases, said Al Jazeera. In Central Java, hundreds of vaccinated doctors and healthcare workers still test positive for the virus.

This rate is alarming because 95% of Indonesian medics are vaccinated against the virus, raising the alarm over the effectiveness of the Sinovac jab supplied by the Chinese company, upon which Indonesia relies. 

Being the fourth most populous country globally with more than 270 million people, Indonesia, over the past week, has hit a depressing daily record of 57,000 new infections, a seven-fold increase from a month prior. Meanwhile, from the beginning of July, fatalities have doubled in proportion to roughly 1,000 per day, Al Jazeera noted

The burden of newly infected patients per day, and the dreadful reality that medical workers are dying, has prompted a senior official of Indonesia’s Doctors Association (IDI) to say that their healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

“We are worried about the potential of a functional collapse,” said Mahesa Paranadipa. “This is the reported data, not yet data that may not have been reported to us.” 

According to Lapor COVID-19, a domestic group gathering community data, 625 people passed away due to the virus outside of the hospital, with many of them in self-isolation.

Following an update by state-run Antara News that CNN reported, 90,000 of Indonesia’s 120,000 hospital beds are taken. Much like India’s circumstances, in late June, the country witnessed skyrocketed oxygen prices, with several hospitals now seem to be depleted of supply.

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