Tensions between the United States and China amid the global threat caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus or COVID-19 continue to grow. Now a recent CCP report does not rule out the possibility of an armed conflict with the United States.

According to Reuters, the early April document by the State Security Ministry to Beijing’s top leaders, including Chinese leader Xi Jinping, noted that global anti-CCP sentiment is at its highest level since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.

Due to growing anti-CCP sentiment, sources familiar with the document anonymously assured Reuters that following the pandemic, Beijing needs to be prepared for the worst case scenario—armed conflict between the two countries.

The report  was allegedly prepared by the China Institutes of Contemporary Internal Relations (CICIR), a group of experts affiliated to the Ministry of State Security, the CCP’s main intelligence body.

The latest statements given by the United States have mentioned the possible consequences that the Chinese regime could face after President Donald Trump assured that he had reliable information that reaffirmed that the origin of the virus is the virology laboratory in Wuhan.

More tariffs on the CCP

For now, the Trump administration is considering implementing new tariff measures for Beijing worth up to a billion dollars, distancing itself from the trade agreement reached in January in which the CCP committed to investing in U.S. manufacturing products in exchange for a reduction in the tariffs imposed on it.

President Trump has claimed to be unhappy with the way the CCP has handled the coronavirus situation, pointing out that it played an active role in covering up information about the virus outbreak, and acted negligently, leading to the alert that initially originated in Wuhan ended up becoming a global problem.

Several reports have made it clear the way in which the CCP is committed to diverting world attention from its responsibility amid the pandemic, investing in efforts to promote propaganda that repeatedly blames the United States for being the main culprit of the virus.

Among the accusations that the United States has made against the CCP, are the reports of reporters and human rights activists who were disappeared after taking the initiative to speak about the events at the epicenter of the virus in the city of Wuhan and the coverup way the authorities were handling it.

Even from the academic world, reports have come out indicating how the CCP is employing efforts to control the narrative of the pandemic, demanding that Chinese academic research related to the coronavirus be subjected to further investigation before it is published.

Therefore, the international community is now looking with more skepticism at the information provided by the CCP and moving away from its rhetoric to take another perspective, one that is more critical in assessing its role in the face of the pandemic.

Regarding the document announcing a possible war between the two superpowers, the Chinese State Security Ministry refused to give any statement to Reuters, saying that it had no “relevant information.”