A primary school in Warrington, England, instructed children up to the age of 6 to write gay “love letters,” as shown in a BBC video that featured part of the lesson and an interview with a teacher in 2018.

“Many online commenters expressed shock at the material shown in the BBC video, with one calling it “state-sponsored grooming” and many others remarking on the inappropriateness of introducing the subject of sexuality and homosexuality in particular to children so young” states the Tea Party website.

The lesson requires children to imagine themselves as Prince Henry and to write a letter expressing their love to a servant named Thomas and asking him to marry him.

Sarah Hopson, the teacher, explains in the video that the point is to indoctrinate children to “accept” and teach them from an early age about the “diversity” in the world that they must support.

Bewsey Lodge Elementary School, where the video was shot, is known for its pride in promoting cultural Marxism and sexual degeneration in children, as well as its support of the LGBT agenda.

The school’s website also proclaims its intention to aggressively promote gender ideology and children wear a gender-neutral uniform, per school policy.

According to LifeSiteNews the school’s “Personal, Social and Health Education” (PSHE) program calls for teaching about “sources of support and reassurance” for “diversity in sexual attraction and developing sexuality,” the “difference between sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation,” recognition of “diversity in sexual attraction,” understanding “accepted terminology” on LGBT topics, the “need to challenge” “sexist, homophobic, transphobic and disablist language and behavior,” and more.

One commentator wrote, “I’m not over 50 and I have a problem with it not because it’s about LGBT relationships but because I wasn’t taught about marriage or relationships at school at all—that’s something for home. I learned about relationships through the world. There are other subjects that should be addressed at school this is not one of them.”

Another commentator agreed that the lesson was wrong and, “It has nothing to do with tolerance and respect.”

More outraged commenters called the practice, “satanic sexual propaganda to kids” and wrote, “Leave them alone and let them be children!”

In response, headteacher Emma Wright wrote, “It is interesting to read how many people have sexualized the content of our curriculum” and “we teach about love and that love comes in all shapes and sizes.”