The Daily Mail reported on Jan. 18 that several German states plan to use police-supervised detention centers and hospitals to detain people who break lockdown measures for the CCP Virus.

At least three German states announced similar measures against people who do not strictly comply with the “rules” of the health emergency.

The state of Saxony confirmed that it plans to use the fenced-in refugee camps to detain people who violate the rules. Baden-Württemberg will use two hospital wards that will be guarded by the police for the same purpose.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein confirmed that it will allocate an area of a juvenile detention center to detain people. Brandenburg will also use detention centers for the same purpose.

Legal experts told Die Welt newspaper that state governments have the power to detain people who violate quarantine rules under the Disease Protection Act, passed by the German Parliament last March and renewed in November.

At the same time, the German government proposed to make vaccination mandatory in the country, arousing strong criticism from the opposition.

Congresswoman Joana Cotar accused the government of Saxony of “reading too much Orwell,” referring to George Orwell’s novel “1984 “where the author describes a state that penetrates all aspects of people’s lives with a large surveillance system.

After a mutation of the CCP Virus was found in the United Kingdom in late November 2020, authorities in neighboring countries initiated a series of strict measures against the possibility of contagion.

However, several studies and specific cases showed that quarantines or lockdowns have not been effective in reducing infections.

For example, Stanford University in California, published a study on Jan. 5 arguing that in countries that applied strict lockdown measures versus those that took lighter measures, they did not substantially contribute to reducing the contagion curve.

In terms of specific cases, New York City was one of the U.S. cities that applied the strictest restrictions but also had one of the highest numbers of deaths from CCP Virus.

Many of the regions in the Lombardy Province in Italy, which were the first in Europe to record a high number of deaths from the CCP Virus, have achieved mass or herd immunity without resorting to lockdown measures or vaccines.

In contrast, other parts of Italy such as Milan that did continue to lock people up have not seen positive changes in people’s immunity and are currently experiencing the so-called second wave.