On Thursday, March 19, the Iranian Ministry of Health reported that every 10 minutes a person died from the CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party virus). So far, the number of deaths in the Middle East country has reached 1,284.

Through his Twitter account, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur wrote, “According to our information, every 10 minutes one person dies from the coronavirus and about 50 people are infected with the virus every hour in Iran.”

According to Reuters, Health Minister Alireza Raisi noted that the total number of infections had reached 18,407 in Iran.

Earlier in the week, a health official said the country was facing an “extreme scenario” and urged citizens to stay home, saying millions of Iranians were likely to die from the disease.

The alarming situation facing the country has led to thousands of prisoners being released after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a decree absolving 10,000 prisoners of their sentences, according to CBS.

The massive release of prisoners from jails has been taking place since last year when about 50,000 prisoners were pardoned on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran also implemented the closure of schools and universities, as well as a ban on sports, cultural and religious gatherings. So far the measure has affected four Shiite holy shrines.

The quarantine state has had a direct impact on the country’s Nowruz New Year celebrations, which are expected to begin today, Friday.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic not only ranks third among the countries most affected by the CCP Virus, along with Italy, which ranks second, but also has strong ties with the Chinese regime, both politically and economically.

According to The Diplomat, almost half of China’s crude oil imports come from the Middle East, and Iranian oil in particular is important to the Chinese regime because it is known for its quality, price, and reasonable long-term credits.

“In 2018, Iran exported 29.27 million tons of oil to China, making it China’s third largest source of crude oil,” said The Diplomat.

However, now that the outbreak of the CCP Virus has the world on edge, oil prices have been seriously affected. With the impact of the pandemic, oil demand has dropped by up to 22%, according to records on March 2.

Economic sanctions imposed by the United States have increased in 2020 after the United States accused Chinese entities of helping Iran evade sanctions in order to continue with the oil trade.

Amid the uncertainty and uneasiness about the impact that the CCP Virus has unleashed, the city of Qom, Iran, the epicenter of the outbreak, has had to get used to the scenes with body bags piled up in morgues or doctors without the proper protective equipment to care for the sick.

As Time mentions, as of March 17, deaths in Iran had reached 1,000. However, according to the World Health Organization, the official figures could be much higher at present, as the records correspond only to serious cases.

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