Hong Kong police arrested well-known activist leader Joshua Wong and core member Agnes Chow of the pro-democracy party Demosisto, on Friday, Aug. 30. They were released on bail later in the day.

In a clampdown on those involved in this summer’s protests, police also swooped in, Thursday night, and arrested Andy Chan, leader of the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party, at the airport, as he was boarding a flight to Japan.

Wong and Chow’s arrest happened on the eve of another massive march planned for Saturday, Aug. 31 that marked the fifth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ruling to ban fully democratic elections for the position of the Hong Kong leader.

Demosisto’s Vice Chairperson Isaac Cheng announced the high-profile arrests. “Today our secretary general, Joshua Wong, has been arrested doing community work in South Horizons,” said Cheng, who continued that Wong has been arrested for “inciting and organizing unlawful assembly, and taking part in unlawful assembly.”


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“We believe the high profile arrests before the 31 August protest is because they want to spread terror towards the Hong Kong protesters and the Hong Kongers,” said Cheng.

Cheng stated that there are “no single leaders” leading the movement. “I have to emphasize that for the movement it is recognized as leaderless and organization-less,” said Cheng.

Cheng urged the Hong Kong government not to use intimidation. “Please respond to the five demands that the Hong Kong people ask for and please don’t use terror or arrests to threaten Hong Kong people not to come out” to support the pro-democracy activities.

Following the arrests, organizers said they are calling off the Saturday demonstration that the Hong Kong police had already put a ban on.

Wong was one of the student leaders of the Umbrella Movement in the 2014 pro-democracy demonstrations. Wong was released from prison in June this year after serving a two-month sentence for his role in that protest.

Wong gained international prominence in the 2014 pro-democracy protests, earning him a place as one of TIME magazine’s Most Influential Teens of 2014. In 2015, Wong was named one of the “world’s greatest leaders” by Fortune magazine. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018.

Since his release, Wong was speaking and proactively supporting this summer’s pro-democracy protests.

Hong Kong police did not immediately confirm either arrest. However, the arrests were publicized and widely circulated on various social media platforms.

Demosisto posted on its social media accounts that Wong “was just arrested this morning at roughly 7:30″ and “forcefully pushed into a private minivan on the street in broad daylight.” “Our lawyers are on the case now,” Demosisto tweeted.

Wong tweeted from his Twitter account: “Dear friends, I’m back. Two months after I got released from prison, I’m arrested again…”

But, “compared with the hardships of our companions, some of them may got beaten up by the police, may got sexually assaulted, may got shot in eye, everything I’m facing is really insignificant,” Wong tweeted.

In the twitter message, Wong stated that he is “accused of inciting, organizing, and participating” in unauthorized assembly during the June 21st protest.

Wong’s message for the Hong Kong people is: “Hong konger[s], Together we stand! We shall never surrender!”

Wong also tweeted that Chow was “arrested at home this morning. She is accused of inciting and participating in unauthorized assembly.” Wong stated that they did not know when they would be released.

Police said Wong and Chow are under investigation for their roles in a June 21 unauthorized protest outside a police station.

Both may face charges for participating in the demonstration and allegedly spurring others to participate. Wong is also probed on suspicion of organizing the protest.

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