America’s next potential ambassador to China denounced the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide, abuse, and bullying on Oct. 20.

President Joe Biden’s nominee Nicholas Burns wants Beijing to stop eradicating native Uighur people, persecuting Tibetans, repressing Hong Kong freedoms, and threatening Taiwan.

“[These atrocities] are unjust and must stop,” Burns said according to Reuters.

Burns considers mainland China to be the United States’s most dangerous rival. He revealed the Chinese regime is “blasting past” an earlier pledge to minimize its nuclear arsenal.

However, the former North Atlantic Treaty Organization ambassador still backs the One China policy on Taiwan. He claims the stance is the most effective way to deter Beijing from exercising force over Taiwan as China’s military threatens to attack the self-ruled democratic island.

“This is a policy that can succeed if we execute it consistently and with some strength,” Burns said according to the newswire agency.

He suggested the United States could take advantage of China’s weaknesses, including demographics and growing global dissent against its behavior.

“China is not an Olympian power … [and] they have enormous strengths, they have very few friends, they have no real allies,” Burns said according to the South China Morning Post. “We are a strong country, we should be confident for our values and our interests, and we can stand up to the Chinese but our allies and partners can help to do that so that there is real weight and leverage.”

He hopes the United States and China will find some common ground.

Burns is widely expected to win confirmation, and both sides of the aisle have strongly praised him.

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