After the latest budget item was approved in New York State, nearly 200,000 illegal aliens living there will soon receive $2.1 billion in taxpayer-funded stimulus checks and unemployment benefits thanks to the budget approved by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

However, thousands of small businesses at risk of bankruptcy will receive less than half that in grants and tax credits after being forced to shut down for months by Cuomo’s quarantines.

In New York alone, more than one million jobs have been lost, and it is estimated that at least 80,000 New York businesses may not make it through to the end of the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus. In the face of this chaotic situation, Cuomo and elected state Democrats agreed to a budget deal that provides billions to illegal aliens residing in New York State from taxpayer contributions. 

This situation may be debatable; one would have to analyze the details, interests formed, and how to apply this massive sum of money to illegal aliens. But what is really outrageous is when you compare that number with the one allocated to help local small businesses, which was less than half.

As is well known, small businesses function as the economic engine, employing the most significant number of workers, providing much of the state’s revenue, and generating the constant movement that an economy needs to be identified as “healthy”. 

However, Governor Cuomo does not seem to understand this in the same way, and far from giving priority and support to businesses, he has repeatedly promoted actions to harm them. During the past year, he unfoundedly extended quarantines limiting millions of New Yorkers’ right to work.

Specifically, according to the New York Times, the state budget includes $2.1 billion in one-time taxpayer-funded payments in the form of stimulus checks and unemployment benefits for approximately 187,000 illegal aliens, roughly $1.1 billion more than small businesses are earmarked to get in grants and tax credits to cope with the unprecedented crisis.

Estimates suggested by Breitbart claim that illegal aliens could receive as much as $28,600 a year thanks to the taxpayer-funded benefits approved by Cuomo. Every week, illegal aliens will receive at least $500.

Criticism of such outrage from the radical left was not long in coming, with New York Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy calling the New York state legislature “even more radical than the Biden-Harris administration” and saying the budget deal “has replaced any semblance of common sense with actual insanity.”

In a statement posted on the Republican party’s website, Langworthy wrote: “Democrats are about to pass a budget that raises taxes on New Yorkers and businesses by $4 billion while enacting a $2 billion fund that will provide $25,000 payouts to illegal immigrants.”