Recent messages via Twitter reveal new outbreaks of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus in China, so that the city of Tonghua, Jilin Province, was closed and its inhabitants are suffering the disastrous consequences.

“The epidemic is out of control in Tonghua city, Jilin province, and the city is closed. However, there is no one to distribute supplies, so hundreds of thousands of people in the city are deprived of food and vegetables,” tweeted user @ttingxiao, providing audios in Chinese, on Jan. 25.

Journalist Jennifer Zeng corroborated the facts by adding a video of a woman who jumped from the 10th floor, which could be a sign of the desperation experienced by some of the inhabitants.

“I don’t want to post the video here. But someone, a lady, just jumped out of the building & killed herself in Tonghua, Jilin, China, where people have been locked inside their homes without supplies. There are only 800 volunteers, but 300K people in Tonghua. Overwhelmed,” Zeng reported.

Desperation seems to have reached its limit because of food shortages, with some people reporting they had gone up to 10 days without food, despite the government’s offer to provide it.

A similar confinement situation occurred in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, China, because of CCP Virus, according to Zeng.

“Turns out dog has more freedom than humans. A dog in Suihua, Heilongjiang, #China was hoisted down and up so that he can pee & defecate outside, as he is not used to doing it inside the house. Humans are locked in due to #COVID19, #CCPVirus. 

Other communities near China’s capital Beijing are experiencing harassment because of the CCP Virus.

“In the Ronghui community of Tiantongyuan, Daxing County in Beijing, all residents were taken to quarantine in 38 buses after positive results of CCP Virus in some tests,” Zeng also reported in another of her tweets.

It is surprising that mainstream media does not report these facts, although the CCP has a long history of concealing facts in which its public image could deteriorate.

In fact, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is accused of having concealed the appearance of the virus for weeks before warning of its danger, according to all the evidence that has subsequently emerged. Had the world been forewarned, the global disaster would have been up to 95 percent averted, according to some studies.

A recent BBC documentary on the 54 days between the first case of the CCP Virus appearing in Wuhan and the day the city was shut down shows a doctor’s testimony about the CCP’s ban on disclosure, preventing even doctors from using protective gear, according to The Guardian on Jan. 26.