The 11 million inhabitants of Shijiazhuang, a city in Hebei Province, China, were quarantined due to the accelerated spread of a new outbreak of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which reached 360 people in the eight days immediately before Jan. 9, in Shijiazhuang.

According to Fortune, the outbreak in this province represents a high risk of infection for residents of the capital, Beijing, who are preparing for the Chinese parliament’s annual meeting in March

Beijing is surrounded by Hebei territory, and the province’s leaders are committed to preventing the virus from invading it.

One of the measures taken was to screen 13 million people, including those from the nearby city of Xingtai.

Residents were also banned from traveling on urban public transport and between the two cities. Also, people entering Beijing were required to isolate themselves for three weeks, instead of the usual two weeks.

However, the Shunyi district of Beijing reported the contamination of 30 people in less than a month, so local transportation was restricted due to the airport’s proximity.

Twitter user @ttingxiao attached a video to a tweet updating (in Chinese) the progress of Hebei’s health problem, which went beyond authorities’ control.

“The Hebei epidemic is out of control. Many places in Hebei rushed to build isolation huts,” the user wrote.

“On Jan. 13, 3,000 sets of [prefabricated] isolation houses arrived in Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang, from [the city of] Tangshan, Hebei. The workers rushed to build isolation huts at night on the assigned site,” he added.

The CCP has been severely criticized for the lack of transparency that characterized its handling of the initial outbreak of the CCP virus, responsible for the loss of millions of human lives and incalculable economic losses worldwide.

Even today, it has not been possible to discover the circumstances of the deadly pathogen’s appearance, given the refusal of the CCP to allow international multidisciplinary teams to investigate on its territory.

However, senior officials’ recent pronouncements indicate that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will soon reveal evidence of the virus’ origin. It appears that the virus emerged from the Virology Laboratory in Wuhan, the city where the first infected people appeared.