The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned the production of audiovisual content containing miracles, healings, and 20 other categories. 

China’s National Radio and Television Administration, which controls radio and television under the CCP, now also bans content including holy relics and demonic possessions, UCA News reported.

The guidelines could have a destructive effect on the religious and spiritual film industry, especially the well-developed Christian one.

A Chinese filmmaker who identified himself as Joseph, speaking to UCA News, said Bible-based content includes mostly miracles and healing, and the new censorship guidelines almost completely prohibit such content. “If we film the life of Jesus, avoiding the content banned by the guidelines, we will only be presenting Jesus as an ordinary person, and this is unacceptable to Christians.”

A Christian priest named Yo from Shandong also spoke to UCA News and was very critical of the CCP, which he accused of not allowing citizens to have the most basic human rights such as the natural right to freedom of religion. He also questioned the guideline that states, “Historical dramas should be based on true history” rather than fiction. “What is the true history? Is it the one made by the Chinese Communist Party?” Father Yo asked himself. 

Earlier this month, U.S. Attorney General William Barr criticized Hollywood for appeasing the CCP with self-censorship to ensure entry into its market, saying that the studios are seeking to propagandize the Chinese Communist Party.

In an interview with Reuters, Barr said, “Hollywood now regularly censors its own movies to appease the Chinese Communist Party, the world’s most powerful violator of human rights,” Barr added. “This censorship infects, not only the versions of movies that are released in China, but also many that are shown in the United States theaters to American audiences.”

Barr not only targeted Hollywood, but also corporations such as Apple, Alphabet’s Google, Microsoft, and even Walt Disney Co., which he accused of being too willing to collaborate with the Chinese Communist Party. He added that Hollywood has regularly come under pressure and censored his films “to appease the Chinese Communist Party. 

Attorney General Barr made a general criticism of the companies, saying that while the CCP thinks and acts in terms of centuries, the companies are generally only looking at the profit report for the next three months. This attitude results in large U.S. technology companies ending up acting as pawns influenced by the Chinese Communist Party.