A new survey conducted by the international firm of surveys and market research, IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinions), showed that 61% of French people think that Islamism is “incompatible with the values of French society,” reported Le Journal du Dimanche.

The figure reflected an 8% increase over 2018, and was collected as part of an investigation into the “worrying” rise and influence of Islamism in France and its manifestations in many aspects of public life, particularly in the use of distinctive symbols in public spaces, such as the controversial veil.

Along these lines, it should be noted that all those in the survey supported the closure of schools where Islam is taught, including 80% of pensioners, 69% of workers, 70% of employers, and even 55% of left-wing voters.

However, there is a strong division between left and right. On the one hand, about 55% of the supporters of the leftist group France Insumisa and the Socialist Party defend Muslim worship, while 85% of the supporters of Marine Le Pen (National Rally) claim, “Islamism is incompatible with the values of French society.”

The survey results add to those compiled last month by Paris-based global consulting firm IPSOS, which revealed that 60% of French people saw as a “threat” the growing and massive number of immigrants that President Emmanuel Macron’s open border policy is bringing about.

“More than one in two French (60%) see migrants as a threat” and 65% “think that welcoming them will not improve the country’s situation,” the survey data indicated. “Forty-five percent of French people think that the arrival of migrants deprives French people of social services,” it added, noting that “the idea that French people should be given priority in the allocation of jobs has increased in France over the past three years.”

According to another IFOP survey cited in i24News, nearly half (46%) of foreign-born Muslim immigrants want France to replace its legal system with Islamic law or sharia (regulations governing the lives of Muslims). This point of view is supported by 18% of Islamists born in France.