Authorities are investigating how almost 700,000 vaccination records were changed because they contained incorrect information.

The British National Health Service (NHS) confirmed it modified 677,331 vaccine records, and deleted 112,939 entries, for containing duplicate or erroneous data.

The Telegraph revealed a South London man failed to acquire a “COVID pass” because his first February dose was missing from his health record.

After more than 100 attempts to add the information he finally decided to be vaccinated a third time. Only after resorting to this extraordinary measure did the NHS finally approved his pass.

“This has now shown up in the app as my second vaccination, and it appears as though I am fully vaccinated and good to travel,” he said according to the paper. “[I] can now use the domestic pass for the theatre.”

BL understands similar ordeals have caused a growing number of patients to lose confidence in the vaccine passport system.

People from other countries around the world have expressed different concerns about the legality of forcing people to be immunized before engaging in leisure activities.

In fact, a group of business, political, and religious leaders joined worried health workers and doctors in opposing COVID passports. Breitbart reported they recently launched the “Together Declaration,” which accuses vaccination passports–or any form of digital identification–of compromising individual rights and freedoms.

The declaration is intended to collect signatures that show government officials their constituents strongly oppose harsh disease prevention measures.

Many high-profile people have signed the declaration, including NHS officials, sports stars, and entertainment personalities.

Publican Alan Miller joined the “Together” movement, because he does not believe in a society that collects personal data and discriminates against those who make informed medical decisions.

Author Laura Dodsworth believes vaccination passports violate British values, and will only exclude, divide, and compromise privacy. It could also permanently digitize identification.

Rev. Jamie Franklin stressed many conservative-minded people disagree with the principle of denying movement based on vaccination status.

“As a priest in the Church of England and as a Christian leader, the idea of vaccine passports in churches is unacceptable and impossible for us,” he said according to Conservative Hub.

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