More than 45 million unborn girls were killed by abortions between 1970 and 2017 due to sex selection, and by the end of this decade, 4.7 million more are expected to meet the same fate, according to a report published by Medical News Today.

This practice of sex selection will bring a long-term sexual imbalance of approximately one-third of the world’s population with potential social and economic problems not yet known, according to the study published by BMJ Global Health.

Of the more than 45 million girls killed, more than 95% were in China or India. 

This difference in the numbers between males and females has brought problems to China. As recently reported by ANI (Asian News International), a census shows that there are more than 30 million unmarried men in China.

The birth rate in China is 111.3 boys for every 100 girls.

China is the country with the highest gender imbalance, and this is due to its 40 years of a one-child policy that not long ago changed to a two-child policy.

This bias in the Chinese population is mainly because the Chinese have a preference for having sons, which led to the selective abortion of millions of girls, hoping that the next pregnancy will be a boy, always within the framework of this one-child policy.

The Chinese gender imbalance, led to the beginning of smuggling Vietnamese women to marry Chinese nationals, as reported in 2016 by Breitbart News.

Vietnamese villages on the border with China are targeted by women smugglers,who trick them onto Chinese soil and sell them as wives.

Girls as young as 13 are drugged and kidnapped to be smuggled across the border. The Chinese pay more than $3000 for a Vietnamese bride, as cultural similarities make them especially attractive.

According to Medical News Today, Dr. Fengqing Chao, who co-authored this new study on sex bias said, “While the [sex ratio at birth] is projected to decline in some countries, we also provide a more extreme scenario—that [sex ratios] inflate in other countries, such as Pakistan and Nigeria.”

In the worst-case scenario, 22 million unborn girls are expected to be aborted by 2100.

The projections were based on data from 3.26 billion birth records from 204 countries.

This problem leads us to reflect on feminist groups that fight for “equality between men and women,” since they do not echo this terrible discrimination suffered by unborn girls.

The key point here is that these groups are the strongest defenders of abortion, so in this particular situation where women are discriminated against and aborted, they have an important conflict of interest. So they prefer to stay on the sidelines and not fight for the lives of millions of defenseless girls who are murdered.

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