A truck adorned with Pepsico product logos, transporting 228 illegal immigrants on board, was captured in the Mexican municipality of Cintalapa.

The police of the state of Chiapas reported that the officers stopped the vehicle that was traveling on the Cintalapa-Lázaro Cárdenas road. The driver initially ignored the police and had to be chased, Spanish-language media Infobae reported on July 8.

Once arrested, the driver tried to bribe the authorities by offering 80,000 pesos, or more than $4,000.

Dozens of Central Americans were discovered inside the vehicle, including women and children, in overcrowded conditions.

The immigrants were transferred to the Cupapé immigration station to provide them with medical care, food, and water.

For its part, Pepsico denied that the soft drink truck belonged to its distribution fleet and said the logos used on the truck were false.

“The unit detained by the authorities does not belong to our distribution fleet, nor is it owned by any group company, so it is counterfeit,” said the company according to Infobae.

The truck was impounded in Chiapas, in southernmost Mexico, bordering Guatemala.

This is the second truck in 24 hours in Mexico to be stopped for transporting illegal immigrants.

Shortly afterward, in Zacatecas, central Mexico, authorities used X-rays on a cargo truck to discover 51 illegal immigrants hidden inside.

Mexico has intensified its illegal immigration detention operations since U.S. President Donald Trump warned of possible tariffs on Mexican exports to the United States.

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