The European Union (EU) has agreed among its members on Thursday, May 20, to impose a European certificate required from this summer to move freely on the old continent. Only those who have been vaccinated against the CCP virus will be able to move freely. Those who do not have the vaccine will be able to move freely, as long as they abide by the restrictions imposed by each country involved. 

The document will be multilingual, free of charge, and will be issued both in digital and physical form, finally called “EU Digital Covid Certificate,” and will be valid throughout the EU as of July 1.

Those in possession of this certificate will be able to travel in European countries, and the various authorities of EU member countries will not be able to demand any quarantine or test of any kind, as long as the traveler possesses the current certificate that includes some of the vaccines approved by Europe, Euro News reported.

Although the European institutions insist that this certificate is not discriminatory against those who do not have the vaccine, the discourse does not seem to be entirely true.

While vaccination is not mandatory at the moment, it can only be replaced with a negative PCR test, which will have to be renewed periodically and will not be free of charge. This restriction is intended to encourage those citizens who are unwilling to be vaccinated because of mistrust of both the effectiveness of vaccines and the adverse effects they may cause.

In addition, EU member countries will be able to demand quarantines and impose restrictions on those who do not have the vaccine, even if they have the “EU digital Covid Certificate.”

The regulation with which the certificate has been approved has in principle a validity of twelve months. After this period, it will remain to be defined, taking into account the pandemic situation, how the restrictions will continue.

Although this supposed ‘health certificate’ is presented as a simple document to facilitate the safe movement of European citizens, several reports denounce that it could be part of an orchestrated plan to achieve absolute control over the actions and behavior of citizens in general.

A revealing report details that the concept of a “vaccine passport” is not something new that emerged during the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus but is something that has been brewing even 20 months before the start of the pandemic.

The initial proposal for ‘vaccine passports’ was first published on April 26, 2018, by the European Commission. It was ignored by the hegemonic media and did not transcend to the general public, but plans began to brew anyway. 

With the situation caused by the CCP Virus pandemic, the conditions seem to be in place to implement what has been in the making for years.


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