On Monday, June 15, Republican Party legislators who are members of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee released a report accusing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the World Health Organization of having failed “monumentally” in dealing with the CCP Virus or COVID-19.

Legislators in the Senate committee led by Sen. Michael McCaul R-Texas), a senior member, questioned the CCP for its “intentional efforts to mislead the global community” by compromising the dissemination of relevant information about the virus.

“After months of investigating, it’s become crystal clear the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup of the coronavirus, especially in the early days of the outbreak, played a significant role in turning what could have been a local epidemic into a global pandemic,” McCaul told Fox News.

“Unfortunately, the World Health Organization under the leadership of Director-General Tedros only exacerbated the problem by repeatedly ignoring warnings about the severity of the virus, including from their own health experts, while at the same time parroting the CCP’s propaganda without independently confirming their claims,” McCaul added.

McCaul also said that the handling of the virus had been a failure of “monumental proportions” and that it was therefore necessary to advocate for the truth and thus prevent something similar from happening in the future.

According to the report, the CCP’s coverup “greatly impacted the global response to COVID-19,” and further indicates that as soon as the issue became known, information was disseminated based on the lies and misinformation provided by the CCP.

“Despite public reporting to the contrary, the [People’s Republic of China] never notified the WHO about the outbreak in Wuhan,” the document states.

“PRC authorities also actively engaged in a coverup designed to prevent the spread of information related to patients testing positive for SARS and their knowledge that the illnesses were caused by a coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV—in violation of the IHR [International Health Regulations],” he said.

The committee previously questioned the WHO for ignoring its own warning guidelines once the SARS outbreak was reported in the early 2000s. By then he asked the international body to investigate reports of a possible “public health emergency” related to this emerging type of coronavirus.

As Fox News pointed out, the committee also accused the CCP of ignoring rules that require governments to report any information on a new SARS-like virus to the WHO within a 24-hour time limit.

According to the IHR, updated in 2005 following the SARS outbreak, the organization has “a central and historical responsibility” for managing control.

As indicated in articles 6 and 7 of the IHR, as revised by WHO members, there is an obligation to provide all relevant public health information, including laboratory results, “within 24 hours” of the assessment

The research set out in the report states that the CCP may have reduced the number of infections by up to 95 percent. If it had complied with “its obligations under international law and implemented a public health response at an earlier date,” the document states.

In response to the research, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a past press conference, “We didn’t waste any time. We didn’t want to waste any time.”

In May, more than 100 countries, including Russia, Britain, Australia, and some members of the European Union, showed their support for an impartial, independent, and comprehensive assessment of the WHO’s response to the CCP Virus, The Week reported.