A former RAAF aircraftman Alister French was reportedly abused at the Latchford Barracks in Victoria, Australia, last year.

A video has emerged of fellow soldiers using Alister French for an evening’s entertainment in a common room at the army base.

According to abc.net.au, Alister French claims he agreed to have his hands and feet tied, but after that “it escalated very quickly.”

“What occurs in that video is Alister is bound, gagged, choked, strangled, set on fire, assaulted with different implements, sexually assaulted. It’s the full gamut, the full range of any type of assault you can imagine. It’s torture,” his lawyers told ABC’s 7.30 program, adding that they are taking the Australian Defence Force to court.

Mr. French confesses that his military record isn’t perfect. He admitted to breaking a window at a RAAF base while celebrating with fellow recruits. After that, he was put on “light duties and restrictions”, which Mr French told 7.30 didn’t go down well.

“It escalated with very minor offences, with me being pulled into offices and having death threats at myself.”

He went to police in Wodonga because he thought it was serious, but he claims he was turned away.

In a statement, Victoria Police confirmed “a man reported a matter at a training facility near Wodonga to police in 2020”.

“Enquiries were undertaken and, on the information provided, it was determined a criminal offence could not be identified at the time,” the statement said.

Mr French’s mother, Lisa French, told 7.30: “When he phoned home, the words he used [were], ‘I’ve got a target on my head, they’ve told me I’ve got a target on my head’.'”

On October 1st of last year, he was bound with duct tape around his ankles, knees, hands, and head. The 21-minute video can be heard that a fellow recruit tells the camera, “Hi guys. Today I’m torturing Frenchy.”

According to Mr. French and his lawyers, the abuse lasted up to 45 minutes.

Mr French told 7.30, “At the time, the people I was living with thought it was a joke. I was mentally and physically fatigued. I thought it’s just easier to go with it … than [to] try [to] fight it and have an argument.

“I allowed them to tie my hands and my feet, but it escalated very quickly into me being fully restrained.”

Mr French didn’t tell his mum about the incident until lately.

“He showed me [the video]. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s bastardisation and it seems to be accepted,” Ms French said.

“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to watch. No parent should go through that. We entrusted our son to the Royal Australian Air Force and the military.”

In relation to the video, Defence said it was a “new allegation” and has “strongly encouraged any material evidence of such behaviour be referred immediately to the civilian police for investigation”.

Mr French’s lawyers have also advised him to report to the police.

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