The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo supported the UK’s position against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He urged Britain’s rulers to deepen good relations.

Pompeo, one of the Trump administration’s top diplomats, in a meeting with British MPs, spared no criticism of the CCP in its responsibility for the catastrophic consequences that the CCP Virus is leaving throughout the world. 

According to British media, Pompeo stated during a meeting with Conservative and Labour MPs that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had reached an agreement with the Chinese Communist Party to ensure his election as WHO director-general. He said victims of the CCP virus in the UK had died because the head of the World Health Organization had been “bought” by the CCP. 

Pompeo visited the UK and met with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday, July 21.

During the meeting, Pompeo said of the WHO, “This is a political, not a science-based organization and I talk to our experts … they will tell you that there are pieces of it that work. (…) But when push came to shove, when it really mattered most, when there was a pandemic in China, Dr Tedros, who was … bought by the Chinese government.”

Pompeo’s words are consistent with the actions of President Trump, who recently announced the withdrawal of the United States from the WHO, claiming that the organization is under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party.

President Trump has described the WHO as a “puppet” of the CCP, following the CCP’s coverup of the initial outbreak and its subsequent failure to contain the pandemic.

The British government recently took a number of decisions that directly undermine its relations with the Chinese Communist Party:

  • It banned the Chinese company Huawei from developing the controversial 5G network on the UK 
  • The UK publicly condemned the unfulfilled promises of the CCP in the Sino-British treaty
  • It opened the door to thousands of Hong Kong people fleeing their country after the new security law was imposed by the CCP
  • It suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong 
  • It extended its arms embargo on the CCP to Hong Kong

Mike Pompeo took advantage of his trip to congratulate the British government on confronting the CCP, and even encouraged it to be even tougher if necessary. He was clear in his speech about the importance of creating a global coalition that understands the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party, and which in turn works collectively to change the Party’s hostile behavior and counteract its power. 

Pompeo expressed optimism about the meeting on his Twitter account, “Constructive visit with @BorisJohnson today. Our two countries’ long-standing bilateral relationship has laid the foundation for today’s candid discussion on issues ranging from 5G telecommunications to our negotiations for a U.S.-UK free trade agreement.”

At a press conference, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also agreed with Pompeo, saying that the UK is also clear that it must work together with its American “partners and friends” to better protect freedoms and interests and in turn become stronger and more influential.

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