Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the diplomatic measures taken by President Donald Trump are working and that Iran’s regime could start on the path to becoming “a normal nation,” according to a Sept. 22 ABC News interview.

“We are well on our way to forcing the Iranian regime to ultimately make the decision to become a normal nation. That’s all we’ve ever asked,” Pompeo said.

He also said the Iranian regime has been causing terror for 40 years, including the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields.

The assault was executed by ten drones, compromising 50% of the world’s oil production.

President Donald Trump has reiterated his desire to avoid war and increased sanctions on Iran’s revolutionary regime as a deterrent.

The Pentagon announced on Sept. 20 that it will send more troops and military equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to strengthen security after the attack on the Saudi oil industry, and only in a defensive spirit.

Pompeo also claims that the Iranian people welcome the measures taken by the Trump Administration and “understand that their leaders are taking them in the direction that is not good for their country,” according to ABC News.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper reiterated that the actions of U.S. forces in the region would be “defensive” in nature, VOA quoted him as saying.

The Iranian regime has shown signs of willingness to give back the British oil tanker Stena Impero, seized in July.

“We have received information now this morning that it seems like they will release the ship Stena Impero within a few hours. So we understand that the political decision to release the ship has been taken,” said the head of the Swedish company that owns the Stena Impero to the Swedish public broadcaster SVT, according to VOA.