A group of Iranian dissidents in the United States released a letter warning the Biden administration that its open diplomatic approach with Tehran is a strategic mistake and that it should continue to apply “maximum pressure”—Trump’s approach—because the regime is at its “weakest point in history.”

The Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC) published a letter on its website explaining why the Biden administration’s approach will not work with the dictatorial regime in Tehran.

According to the OIAC the idea that the Iranian regime will one day “change its behavior” by using a more diplomatic approach or giving it concessions is “logically unfounded and evidently unpersuasive.”

According to the dissident group, thanks to the “maximum pressure” exerted by the Trump administration, Tehran is at its weakest point in history and it is time to continue that approach in order for the country to free itself from the tyranny of the ayatollahs or supreme leaders and transition to a democracy.

The lengthy letter details the ordeal Iranians experience under the mullahs’ dictatorship, explaining how the regime has become the world’s leading executioner, including children; persecution and assassinations during demonstrations seeking a change in political power; hostage-taking in exchange for political favors; and funding of terrorism domestically and in the region.

“The unprecedented systemic and widespread corruption, and the absolute control of the Iranian nation’s resources by the supreme leader and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is considered as the main cause of economic disaster the country is facing.”

According to the OIAC 70% of Iranians—some 60 million—live below the poverty line.

Trump’s maximum pressure

In 2019 Trump annulled the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal with which Obama granted millions of dollars to Tehran on the condition that it abandon its uranium enrichment, but it only served to accelerate its nuclear plan.

In addition to annulling the deal, he imposed severe economic sanctions, which seriously affected its ability to trade and thus left its economy severely weakened.

The assassination of the head of the Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, was also a severe blow to the regime’s morale.

However, the Biden administration has hinted that it would take a more flexible stance, even saying that it was open to dialogue to return to the terms of the nuclear deal.

According to a Fox News report, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, ” The path to diplomacy is open right now. Iran is still a way away from being in compliance [with the deal.] So, we’ll have to see what it does.”

The dissident group made it clear that the “regime’s priority is not to satisfy U.S. demands and desires” but “to survive among a hostile population at home and avoid being overthrown.