Videos on social media show the shocking onslaught of Palestinian terrorists from the Hamas group firing around 1,000 rockets inside Israel from Monday, May 10 through today Thursday 13, killing several civilians and injuring others. As the attacks continue, the Biden Administration decided to send a pro-Palestinian official who in the past justified terrorist attacks on Israel to supposedly ‘lower the tension.’

Massive attack on civilian targets watched around the world

Early images from last Monday show the intensity of a barrage of some 150 rockets fired from Gaza into Jerusalem and southern Israel.

Part of the attacks was stopped by Israel’s rocket detector system that activates when it detects them and fires them into the air to destroy them before they hit their target.

A Twitter user captured the moment one of the rockets that Iron Dome failed to detect explodes at a bus station in Tel Aviv.


In this tweet, you can see the wreckage caused by the impact. The bus driver was seriously injured; six other people were treated for minor injuries.

Holon is south of Tel Aviv and is part of Israel’s densely populated central region, which has come under sustained bombardment for the first time.

Rocket attacks have decreased there in recent hours but continue in the southern Israeli border city, closer to the range of the short-range rockets that are believed to make up the bulk of Hamas’ arsenal.

According to Breitbart, Palestinian terrorist groups fired rockets from Gaza this week amid tensions stoked by Palestinian leaders as the month of Ramadan came to an end, and just days before the secular anniversary of Israel’s independence on May 15, marked by Palestinians as the “Nakba” (catastrophe).

Palestinians also rioted in Jerusalem ahead of a decision (now postponed) by Israel’s Supreme Court on the fate of several homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, a decades-long ownership dispute.

Israel hit back at Hamas terrorists and commanders in Gaza and warned nearby residents to evacuate to minimize civilian casualties.

Biden sends hostile official to Israel

Although in public statements Biden asserted that “Israel has a right to defend itself,” the first concrete action he took was to send Hady Amr, who serves as Under Secretary of State for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs, a man who on previous occasions justified terrorist attacks in public statements, and certainly with an anti-American tone as well.

“A very large proportion of the more than 150 million children and youth in the Arab World now have televisions, and they will never, never forget what the Israeli people, the Israeli military and Israeli democracy have done to Palestinian children. And there will be thousands who will seek to avenge these brutal murders of innocents,” said Hady Amr.

“Our weapons, our tax dollars and our blessings have enabled Sharon to perpetuate these brutal attacks against civilians. We too shouldn’t be shocked when our military assistance to Israel and our security council vetoes that keep on protecting Israel come back to haunt us. That’s just the way a large part of the Arab World sees it,” the now State Department official declared.

Hady Amr, in another instance, also urged the United States to include the Hamas terrorist group as part of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, putting terrorists at the same level as diplomats.

This line of thinking predominates on the left when it comes to looking at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But history tells us otherwise.

Historically, the Palestinians never wanted peace with Israel

According to Prager U’s historical records, the Arabs rejected the Israelis’ offer to form their own state five times.

1. In 1937, after the end of the world war, the British Empire, after sending the Peel commission to investigate why there were so many conflicts, concluded that both Arabs and Jews wanted to live on the same land. So the solution of the British Empire was to offer 80% of the land to the Palestinians and 20% to the Jews, and despite the disadvantage, the Jews accepted. Still, the Arabs said no, and the violence continued.

2. In November 1947, the United Nations voted to divide the land between Arabs and Jews, but again the Arabs rejected the proposal.

3. In 1967, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon united to destroy the Jewish state but failed. Israel won the war and was left with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

There were two positions within the Jewish government, to return the Gaza Strip to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan. In contrast, others offered to give the land to the Arabs who lived in that region and who had begun to call themselves “Palestinians.”

But the Arabs were not interested in peace.

That same year the Arab League Summit met in Sudan and made the public declaration of the three No’s: No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, and No negotiations with Israel.

4. In 2000, Israeli President Ehud Barak met with Yasser Arafat, the organization leader, to liberate Palestine.

Barak offered him all of Gaza, 94% of the West Bank, and East Jerusalem as his capital. But Arafat said no, and in fact, they launched terrorist attacks that killed at least 1000 Israeli civilians.

5. Finally, in 2008, President Ehud Olmert made the same offer to Mahmoud Abbas and added more land to convince him, but the answer was also no.

The Jews left the Gaza Strip eventually, and the Palestinians now occupy it. But instead of prospering as a people, they have used it as a base for terrorists, and the Hamas group is said to control the entire region.

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