A man in China who woke up with sharp pain inside of his ear was shocked to find out that a cockroach and more than 10 of its babies had made a home inside of his the ear canal.

Lv, 24, looked for doctors last month at Sanhe Hospital in Huiyang District, which is in the city of Huizhou in South China’s Guangdong Province.

Lv said that while he was sleeping he felt a “sharp pain” in his right ear, and members of his family shone a torch into his ear canal to find out what seemed to be a large cockroach inside.

An ENT specialist Zhong Yijin recalled, “He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort.

“I discovered more than 10 cockroach babies inside. They were already running around.”

The newly hatched nymphs were of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica), the hospital said, which were smaller and lighter in color than their black and brown mother.

Zhong used a pair of tweezers to pluck the tiny bugs from Lv’s right ear, one by one, before extracting the much larger mother roach as well.

Lv had minor injuries on his right ear canal, according to the doctor.

Li Jinyuan, ENT head of the clinic, told local media that Lv was used to laying unfinished food packets close to bed that attracted pests like cockroaches.

“Household hygiene helps to prevent the appearance and spread of cockroaches,” Dr. Jiang Tengxiang, head of the hospital’s ENT department, told AsiaWire. “Disinfect drains and sewers. Use mosquito nets and screens on windows. That’ll stop insects from flying or crawling into your nose and ears.”