Being able to prebook an organ transplant is real—in China. Organs on demand is happening; innocent people are constantly being arrested, blood typed, organ checked and kept on demand for a needy patient desperate and willing to pay big money for a new body part.
Here is the story of one man, who was “beaten, starved, and tortured” during his two-year sentence in one of China’s labor camps. He was lucky to escape alive. He was marked for forced organ harvesting.

Tony Liu, 26, was a chemical engineering student at the China University of Petroleum in Beijing. He was illegally arrested because he practiced the ancient meditation practice known as Falun Gong. Apart from the exercises,  the practice is based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. 

Liu’s nightmare began one day in November 2007—he received a call from his lecturer, asking him to come down to the lab. When he got there, he saw two police officers and several others from the 610 office.

“I was arrested because I was a Falun Gong practitioner who didn’t want to renounce this belief,” Liu said. “It was in November 2006, the police actually—I was starting at China University of Petroleum, and I was a student then. Then the police came to my university—came into my dormitory. They found Falun Gong news material on my computer, that’s why they arrested me.”

“I asked them if they had a search warrant or an arrest order and they scribbled on a piece of paper, chucked it at me and said, ‘That’s your warrant.'” said Liu, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

After his arrest, Liu was held at the Beijing Changping Detention Center, and while there was forced to watch videos slandering Falun Gong. When he refused to denounce his faith, he was placed in a cell with eight drug addicts. The prisoners were encouraged to beat him constantly until guards intervened. “One day, they were beating me around the back and waist when a guard ran in and told them, ‘Don’t damage his organs!'” reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I remember wondering, ‘How come they care about my organs when they don’t care about my health or my well being’?” Liu told 10 Daily.

Tony Liu and his family, Sydney, Australia. Photo supplied.

Four months later, Liu was moved to Beijing Tuanhe Re-education Through Labour Camp, where the abuse went to a new level. “Some of the prisoners didn’t want to beat me, so the guards moved them and brought in really cruel ones.” He was stripped naked; prisoners tortured him by inserting metal under his fingernails, smashing his testicles, burning his back, and even forcing a toilet brush into his anus.

The horrific abuse continued. “At one point, I was locked in a solitary cell without food. After three days, they pushed a tube through my nose into my stomach several times, and force-fed me porridge that was sometimes mixed with urine from inmates,” he told 10 Daily.
“All the time, they wanted me to sign statements saying I would give up Falun Gong,” said Liu.

Several months later, Liu received a series of medical tests, blood samples were taken, height and other measurements were recorded, and numerous x-rays were taken.

“One day, they came to the labor camp and took two large tubes of blood from every inmate. That’s a very large dose,” he said. “They took that and left,” he told 10 Daily.

“They X-rayed all of my torso,” Liu said. “A year later, they gave me another X-ray and took more blood.” Liu doubted the tests were for his welfare, given the torture he had been subjected to.

Finally, in 2009, under extreme pressure, Liu signed a statement renouncing his faith, and his family lobbied for his release.
He married three years later and was still required to submit “thought reports,” being continuously monitored by authorities. He then fled to Australia with his wife, seeking asylum.

For almost two decades, the Communist regime has been incarcerating mostly followers of Falun Gong, but also other minority religious groups, for removal of their organs. The victims are often alive before vital organs are forcibly removed, many times without any anesthetic.
This horror has been covered up by the Chinese regime, and it’s very hard to prove. That is until recently, reports The BL.

The China Tribunal, initiated by the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), was an independent, international people’s tribunal that, after assessing all available evidence over the course of 12 months, unanimously concluded, on June 17, 2019, that the “Commission of Crimes Against Humanity against the Falun Gong and Uyghurs has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The investigators questioned more than 50 witnesses, experts, investigators, and analysts in public hearings held in April and in December 2018. The tribunal also evaluated written submissions, investigative reports, and academic papers.

In December 2018, Liu gave evidence by phone to The China Tribunal.

Chairman of the Tribunal was Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, who had previously led the prosecution of Slobodan Milosevic at the international criminal trial for the former Yugoslavia. He declared that with “certainty, in China, forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time.”

“Extraordinarily short waiting times for organs to be available for transplantation.”

“Forced organ harvesting is of unmatched wickedness—on a death for death basis—with the killings by mass crimes committed in the last century,” Nice said in a prepared statement.

The growing transplant business in China is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion annually, and the tribunal presented overwhelming evidence of its existence.

“Forced organ harvesting has been committed for years, and Falun Gong practitioners have been one—and probably the main—source of organ supply,” the report concluded, pointing to the growing transplant industry already worth more than $1 billion annually.

Liu considers himself to be one of the lucky ones.

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