Billy Graham Evangelistic Association president Franklin Graham lashed out at a play presented by the Bibelhaus Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, that depicts Jesus as a man who identifies as a woman. 

“Any suggestion that Jesus Christ is transgender is not only false, it’s just sick,” declared preacher Graham, son of the late world evangelist Billy Graham, according to Fox News Dec. 17. 

He added: “When homosexuality is mentioned in the Bible, it is sin—rebellion against God and associated with His judgment. This is simply man trying to bring God down to his own level.”

He also defined the way Jesus came, “When God sent His Son on a rescue mission to earth to save us from our sins, He chose to come to us as a man, Jesus Christ.”

This is the first time the play has been presented in Germany. The Bibelhaus is also sponsoring an exhibition with the same theme, promoting LGBTQ pride and a drag queen character, which will be open until Dec.19. 

The libretto for the show, titled “The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven,” was written by British transgender playwright, Jo Clifford, and was first performed at the 2009 Glasgow LGBTQ Glasgay Festival.

Throughout its showings, the controversial play has outraged Christians, as the British Christian Institute’s head of education, John Denning, put it.

“This play deliberately re-imagines Jesus as a trans woman and puts words into his mouth that he never said, misrepresenting him,” Denning stated.

He added: “That’s deeply distressing and offensive for many Christians who value him and his teaching above all.”

He said, “It is hard to see how a teaching union justifies using the subscriptions paid by its members, many of whom are themselves Christians, to promote this play,” referring to the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), which organized an LGBTQ event at which the play was performed. 

The Archbishop of Glasgow himself, Philip Tartaglia, reacted to the play by declaring that it was “hard to imagine a greater affront to the Christian faith,” when it was first performed in the Scottish capital in 2009, The Guardian reported.

On the other hand, gender ideology and the LGBTQ movement are actively pushed through the indoctrination imparted to children, not only through multiple television programs, but within the educational system. This is true especially during June, which is considered gay pride month. 

In this sense, Nickelodeon stands out among the children’s TV channels that abound in LGBTQ-themed content, looking for the little ones to normalize these new sexual orientations that are destroying the morality of humanity.

Nick Jr, Nickelodeon’s signal for children between 2 and 10 years old, presented a gay pride parade with homosexual, transgender and non-binary animals in an episode of its famous show Blue’s Clues.

They also showcased a drag queen character explaining about asexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender and non-binary families and of course, there were trans children.

This has generated a flood of criticism from parents concerned about the content their children are exposed to.

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