Following the contradictory results of Israel’s intensive vaccination campaign, authorities are further tightening measures against the COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus by genetically scanning travelers arriving at its international airport, Ben Gurion, located in Tel Aviv. 

“We are working on a scanning system for everyone who comes into Israel,” said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, adding, “Israel will thus become the radar for the virus,” according to The Times of Israel on Sept. 12. 

This strategy comes as a response to the forecasts made by the Minister of Social Equality, Mehmet Meftali Bennett. 

Social Equality Minister Meirav Cohen warned that “the next variant will come to Israel through Ben Gurion.”

Further details about how the system will work have not yet been shared. Still, it is considered a breakthrough in the face of the suggestion that the Delta strain of the virus has entered with international travelers arriving in the country. 

Israel is one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates, with 6,039,846 of the 9.3 million citizens vaccinated at least once, 5,542,582 vaccinated twice, and 2,841,383 inoculated three times, according to data from the Health Ministry, and reported by The Times of Israel. 

Despite its progress in the distribution campaign and vaccine application against COVID-19, it has not stopped the spread of the disease in its population, and infections occur in high percentages among those vaccinated. 

On the other hand, for some, “Thus a Covid passport, which Israel calls its “green pass”—may be linked to an eventual regimen of forced genetic testing at international travel points,” says  Zerohedge media on Sept. 13.

It adds, “The technology, which will no doubt be hugely controversial given privacy concerns.”

As for the “green pass,” while there are still many unknowns about the vaccines, and many practical questions surrounding their implementation, it is presented as a way out of quarantines and other mobility restrictions imposed by governments on their constituents. 

However, in a recently leaked video, Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz admits that vaccine passports are intended to coerce skeptical people into getting vaccinated. 

Apparently, Horowitz was unaware that his words were being broadcast live on Channel 12, as he addressed Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, proposing to lift some of the restrictions: “For swimming pools, too, not just in restaurants.”

In Hebrew, Horowitz’s tweets would be retained in the video contributed by media.  

“Israeli Ministry of Health (right) recorded saying to the Minister of Interior (left) “there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the COVID passport, it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.”

Another of the leaked videos that cast a shadow on the seriousness of the vaccination procedure also comes from Israel. 

“Israel has the highest vaccination rate with 3-4 shots per individual only Pfizer vaccines. Now listen to Israeli TV,” said Twitter user @hobeets.

He added: “Arad Nir has a Zoom recording confirming that Israel is being referred to by Pfizer as its *laboratory*! This is the BIGGEST medical experiment in human history.”

Arad Nir is the foreign news desk chief and international commentator for Channel 2 News, Israel’s most prominent news provider.

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