While serious doubts persist as to the effectiveness of the vaccine against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, Israel, one of the countries with the largest number of proportionally vaccinated inhabitants, will make its application “compulsory.”

After subjecting the population to prolonged lockdowns now the authorities are proposing to open it only to those who obtain the “green passport,” proving their vaccination, according to The Guardian of Feb. 15.

“We will return to life with the green passport,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of the proposal as one of the incentives, while imposing restrictive measures that would force people to take the controversial drug if they want to fully integrate into society. 

After the initial enthusiasm, the number of people coming to be inoculated is visibly decreasing. It is estimated that at least half a million people over the age of 50 have yet to be vaccinated.

“Will you be eligible to enter gyms and cultural events, or will you be left behind?” tweeted Health Minister Yuli Edelstein. “Go get vaccinated!”

Edelstein intends to force all unvaccinated “public-facing” employees, including teachers and bus drivers, to be tested for the virus every two days, usually with nasal swabs.

“Teachers who do not get vaccinated are responsible for taking unnecessary risks with students’ health and fail at their most important role: protecting the children,” Edelstein said, according to The Guardian.

In addition, Netanyahu suggested a bill that would allow local authorities to be given lists of unvaccinated people “to encourage them to be vaccinated and save lives.”

On this measure, public law expert Mordechai Kremnitzer said, “In fact, governments rarely go one step forward and one step back when they start riding roughshod over constitutional rights,” according to the Haaretz newspaper. 

He added, “Not only is it very hard for the right in question to regain the ground it has lost, but even worse, each such retreat paves the way for additional infringement on that right, since it no longer enjoys its former status, having already been weakened.”

Israel launched a major digital tracking campaign to detect and combat “anti-vaccine” messages, trackers now monitor social networks on a daily basis and in several languages.

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