Two national news channels in Israel presented and analyzed data on hospitalized persons and positive COVID cases in recent weeks that conclusively reveal that people who received the vaccine have exactly the same chance of contracting the virus.

On August 2, Channel 11 Kann news broadcast an analysis of the positive cases and hospitalizations of the previous day in the population over 60 years of age, considered the most vulnerable.

Of the 279 cases of people who tested positive for COVID-19 (CCP or Chinese Communist Party virus), 250 were fully vaccinated people, 29 were from unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people, probably referring to having received one dose only.

“This is how it looks in percentages: 90% of the cases were fully vaccinated, and 10% were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated,” the reporter clarified.

Changing the graph, the presenter explained that by comparing the entire population of vaccinated people, the same pattern is repeated: 94 percent of the positive cases are of vaccinated people.

According to the journalist, vaccination has indeed had a positive effect on people with severe pre-existing conditions. Although he did not provide data or examples of what those benefits would have been, he presumably referred to the fact that it prevented fatalities in this group of people.

“However, the fact that the portion of ‘vaccinated’ in the 60+ population is almost identical to their portion in ‘verified cases,’” the reporter exclaimed, “Is saying that at the age of 60 and above, there is almost no difference between being vaccinated or not—you have the same chances of getting the disease!”

The presenter pointed out that supposedly the third dose that the Israeli government is administering to people over 60 aims to increase protection against the so-called ‘delta’ variant coming from India, claiming that this data presented, the ineffectiveness of the vaccine in preventing contagions is because the ‘protection’ of the vaccine is ‘fading.’

Last week, Israeli authorities announced that the operation to roll out a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine to the at-risk population had begun ‘successfully.’

The operation drew criticism from both sides: those for and against.

Those in favor argued that a third dose, while there is no certainty that it will ‘increase’ protection, ‘will also do no harm.’

Those against cited a lack of regulatory approval for a third dose, while others said it was better to focus on the population that still does not want to be vaccinated, which in Israel is approximately 1.1 million people.

The news anchor also cited a report from the CDC that said that with the new Delta strain, regardless of whether the person is vaccinated or not, the ‘viral load’ is the same in both cases.

“In simple words: Vaccinated people that got infected can transmit the disease exactly the same as unvaccinated people!” the journalist concluded.

Do the Israeli data put pandemic mitigation measures in check?

“Based on this data, the fact that vaccinated people that were exposed to a verified person are exempted from being quarantined or tested—is a bit strange,” the journalist said.

“This issue has already been discussed in the past but went off the table—in attempt not to lower the general motivation to get vaccinated,” the presenter explained.

In other words, in order not to discourage people from getting vaccinated, the Israeli government decided not to address the issue of why restrictions such as isolation are applied. Even though data from their own country indicate that the vaccines have not achieved immunity in those who received them, vaccination operations continue.

On August 5, on another news program on Israel’s national TV channel 13, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, also confirmed the data and analysis presented by channel 11.

Most COVID patients are vaccinated, ‘naturally’ explains the hospital director

“Naturally occurring, old people, most of them are vaccinated. Most of the population is vaccinated, and 90%… 85-90% of the hospitalization here are ‘fully vaccinated’ people,” Dr. Haviv said.

‘Unfortunately,’ explains the physician, the effectiveness of the vaccine is ‘fading,’ “outbreaks in hospitals, one patient infects a large number of people, it is no just here and there,” he added.