In the latest update from the Health Ministry of Israel, it appeared that patients who survived the COVID-19 infection enjoy much greater immunity than offered by the vaccines. 

According to the data that kept track of the new wave of the pandemic in Israel, which began this May, those who recovered from the coronavirus were nearly 6.72 times more immune to infection than those that took the jabs, reported by Israel National News.

Over the past two months, the country database has recorded 7,700 new infections. Approximately 40% of the cases (more than 3,000 patients) were breakthrough events, whereas the patients who had a previous history with the virus did not even make up to 1% (72 patients) of the cases. 

While the overall population of COVID-19 rallied Israelis stood at 835,792 individuals, the 72 re-infected patients showed that the rate of infection in them was 0.0086%.

Meanwhile, considering the 5,193,499 vaccinated citizens, the more than 3,000 breakthrough cases demonstrated that the vaccine’s protection was at 0.0578%. 

Putting together the numbers, it is clear that natural immunity after COVID-19 illness is at least six-fold better than triggered by the vaccines. 

Taking this proportion, Life Site News argued that this is real-life proof that contradicts the chief medical advisor of the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who stated that natural immunity was less robust than what can be offered from the vaccines. 

“Vaccination in people previously infected [with COVID-19] significantly boosts the immune response. Vaccines actually, at least with regard to SARS-CoV-2, can do better than nature,” said Fauci. 

In December last year, Israel started to administer Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines to its citizens as young as 16. By the end of March this year, more than half of its population had received two jabs of the vaccines. 

While the country started to see a steady drop in infection rates, as of mid-April, the Delta variant struck the community again and now accounts for more than 90% of new cases, reported CNN last week. 

As the Middle East country is now considering the booster dose for more optimized protection against the virus, some researchers in Israel are revising the need for administering vaccines to the previously infected patients. 

In a study published on April 24 that worked on the data from Israel’s Ministry of Health and Central Bureau of Statistics and, the Israel scientists concluded that there was “strong evidence” that those who survived COVID-19 may be blessed with “long-lasting immunity” that could even be a lifetime guarantee. 

In terms of the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness, although the researchers said they also offer significant levels of protection, they were “marginally lower than natural immunity from prior infection.”

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