Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed Thursday, July 22, that the Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 according to local media The Times of Israel.

The ministry also indicated that the vaccine is 41% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID. It should be noted that a few months ago the effectiveness of this injection was over 90%.

According to The Daily Expose, this figure corresponds to the period from June 20 to July 17, which coincided with the spread of the Delta variant on Israeli soil.

The effectiveness rate has been declining for several periods and appears to show that protection is declining over time, as those vaccinated in January now have the effectiveness of protection of 16% compared to 75% for those vaccinated in April. Although doctors suggest that this low rate of those vaccinated in January may also be due to the fact that this group is elderly and in poor health, making them more susceptible to infection with COVID-19, or the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, the report said.

It should be noted that vaccination in Israel began on December 20, 2020, and more than 5.75 million people have already been vaccinated with the first dose, representing 61.6%, and more than 5.28 million were inoculated with the second dose.

Nor can we forget that the effectiveness rate was 94.3% in the period between May 2 and June 5 and 64% in the period between June 6 and July 3, before reaching the current 39%.

This low effectiveness of the vaccines is encouraging governments to continue to impose restrictive measures and the use of masks despite the large vaccination campaign that is being carried out around the world.

There are many people who have not yet been vaccinated and who do not plan to do so in the short term, we cannot omit that the vaccine is experimental and that it is causing many adverse reactions and deaths among those vaccinated.

In the United States, according to official data, in the last weeks, the deaths of people vaccinated against COVID or CCP virus exceed those caused by the virus, among those who have not received this experimental drug.

Last week, the number of deaths caused by COVID vaccines was 2,092, while the number of deaths caused by the virus was 1,918, or 174 fewer.

The same trend is present in the United Kingdom, where “most deaths from COVID-19 in England now occur among those vaccinated,” as quoted by The Conversation on July 15. 

On the other hand, research points out that data voluntarily reported to VAERS (U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is usually only 1% of actual cases. 

According to follow-up data from the new wave of infections in Israel, which began this May, those who recovered from the coronavirus were nearly 6.72 times more immune to infection than those who had the vaccine.

In the past two months, the country’s database recorded 7,700 new infections. Approximately 40% of the cases (more than 3,000 patients) were breakthrough events, while patients who had a previous history with the virus accounted for less than 1% (72 patients) of the cases.

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