The International Criminal Court based in The Hague, Switzerland, admitted a lawsuit against the Israeli government, accused of violating the Nuremberg code of medical ethics on human experimentation.

In this case, the Israeli government is accused of illegally using its citizens in medical treatments with vaccines against the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party) Virus of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, according to Database Italia of March 15. 

The lawsuit was filed by lawyers Ruth Makhacholovsky and Aryeh Suchowolski, linked to the organization People of Truth, which members include lawyers, doctors, public activists, and the general public. 

The members of the entity “The organization includes lawyers, doctors, public activists and the general public, who have chosen to exercise their democratic right not to receive experimental medical treatment (Corona vaccine), and feel under great and serious pressure under the illegal acts by the Israeli government, parliamentarians and ministers, senior representatives of the public, mayors, etc.”

Accordingly they ask that their requests be met, including the immediate suspension of the ” medical experiment and the administration of vaccines to the Israeli public.”

Simultaneously, “avoiding the creation of a health passport, giving the names of unvaccinated people to local authorities or to any other competent legislator,” is requested in the documentation admitted to the court. 

“To prevent coercion or solicitation of vaccines, as well as discrimination, against those who choose not to receive the vaccines,” by employers. it continued. 

It should be noted, “The Corona virus (CCP Virus) is an innovative medical treatment, which only recently received FDA approval in the United States (in emergency procedures only), a non-final approval, with details on 22 side effects of the vaccine,” Israel News reports.

In fact, vaccination against the CCP Virus increases adverse reactions among those who receive it, the worst of which is death, with a death toll of 1,095 in the United States and 2,787 in the European Union, according to reports.

Other types of adverse reactions recorded in the United States total 19,907, in Italy 27,917 and in the EU the European Medicines Agency (EMA) corporate website announced 34,733 for a total of 86,439 in these countries alone, according to the Italian alternative media outlet GOSPA News on March 6. 

In addition to anaphylactic shock, or acute, life-threatening allergic reactions, people who received Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca-branded vaccines suffered from other adverse reactions.

These included gastrointestinal bleeding, nervous system issues, respiratory and cardiovascular system disorders, and additionally, a host of infections, including from the CCP Virus itself.

Now the plaintiffs are waiting for the International Criminal Court to follow due process with their case and decide in their favor. They say that they have sent the information to many media, but have little hope that they will spread this fact. 

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