A panel of experts in China held a webinar on 29 July where they presented irrefutable evidence that the lives of millions of Falun Dafa practitioners in China are being physically destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party and urged U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to designate the persecution of Falun Dafa as genocide, just as he did the repression of the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Falun Dafa is a spiritual discipline of the Buddha School based on the principles of Truth-Benevolence-Tolerance which, in addition to requiring its practitioners to conduct themselves according to these principles, also features a series of gentle exercises and meditation to improve the body’s energy.

In 1999, when Falun Dafa’s adherents outnumbered CCP members and because of the contrast between the discipline’s moral teachings and communist doctrine, the then Party leader Jiang Zemin, launched a campaign of persecution against the 100 million practitioners in mainland China.

The persecution continues today and various international organizations, as well as respected researchers, have discovered that the Chinese regime uses the state apparatus to kill Falun Dafa practitioners for their organs to sell in lucrative transplant deals.

Seminar participants each presented irrefutable evidence that this horrendous crime continues to happen, and in some cases, with the complicity of the West.

A bill to help curb transplant tourism

Among the panelists were the current director and CEO of Victims of Communism (VOC), Andrew Bremberg, who is also the permanent representative of the United States of America to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, and a former domestic policy advisor to former President Trump.

Mr. Bremberg remarked that the Chinese regime has sadly been known for more than two decades to use the forced removal of organs from living persons in the targeted minority or religious groups as a tool of repression.

VOC researchers last year presented evidence that forced organ harvesting in China has only worsened over the years and that health authorities now simply falsify transplant data to cover up the fact that practitioners are still being killed for the sale of their organs.

Bremberg said there is currently a bill in Congress, Stop Forced Organ Harvesting, that will help the U.S. government more directly combat this evil practice. The bill would require institutions that train transplant surgeons to submit periodic reports so that they can monitor whether Chinese surgeons are coming to train in the US.

Under the initiative, sanctions could also be applied to organ purchasers and government officials in countries where organ trafficking takes place. 

Evidence the CCP could not refute

Ethan Gutmann, a well-known journalist and author of several books, reviewed the data he collected over several years that the regime has so far been unable to refute.

The journalist claimed that forced organ harvesting began in 1994 in Xinjiang province among executed prisoners. In 1998, CCP commanders began receiving organs from Urumqi Uighur activists who were killed for this purpose.

But in 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa began, China surpassed the number of transplants in the entire world combined. With approximately half a million to a million practitioners imprisoned and available, China’s transplant industry exploded.

In 2012, China was performing 60,000 transplants per year.

By 2013, police were forcibly entering practitioners’ homes to take blood samples and swabs for DNA samples used to corroborate transplant matches.

By having the blood and tissue type of the incarcerated practitioner population in a database, waiting times in China were reduced to two weeks, when in the rest of the world such times are typically up to two years.

In the transplant boom, some specialized transplant centers even performed ’emergency transplants’ and were able to obtain a compatible liver within four hours.

According to official data and cross-references, Gutmann estimates that by 2016 at least 200,000 Falun Dafa practitioners were killed for their organs.

Subsequently, in 2002 and 2003, the CCP began forcibly removing organs from house Christians (believers who practice their faith clandestinely) and Tibetans respectively.

The case of Xinjiang: sinister design to exterminate people

In 2015, the CCP began building concentration camps in Xinjiang province. An estimated one million Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities are detained there.

Every two months, prisoners are given ‘medical check-ups’, where they look at the state of their organs in general.

Within one kilometer of these concentration camps, the CCP built nine crematoria, only twenty minutes away. When construction of the first crematorium was completed, it advertised for 50 security guards to be recruited for the facility.

Inside one of the concentration camps, they set up a transplant center. On top of all that, Huang Jiefu, China’s chief on transplants, built a ‘green lane’ road leading from the concentration camps to an airport used solely for transporting organs. Southern China Airlines is the airline that operates these flights.

Of the one million Uighur prisoners in these camps, between 25-50,000 disappear each year. When they reach 27-28 years of age, the optimal age for organ transplantation, they are taken away at night and are never heard from again, explains Gutmann.

“Even during the COVID crisis, organ transplants in China were open for business,” said the journalist, who told how one hospital performed a double liver and kidney transplant in 2020 on a patient with the CCP virus.

Western complicity: a lucrative business

Gutmann said that at present at least 100 people a day are killed for their organs to be sold for transplants in China.

The CCP, despite international pressure, has never stopped this inhumane but lucrative business.

There is a great deal of Western complicity in helping the CCP cover up these crimes.

First, international transplant authorities, such as the International Transplantation Society or the World Health Organization, repeatedly claim that China was ‘reformed’ and that they consider the data presented by the communist authorities, who are the same ones perpetuating or directing these crimes, to be true.

But for the journalist, the answer is clear: as long as this money flows between China’s illegal transplant industry and the West can continue to profit by selling them the supplies and instruments, they will continue to cover up for and support the CCP.

According to a Fox News report, in December 2019 during the 27th International Congress of the Transplantation Society in Spain, Dr. José Núñez, who oversees global organ transplant data collection for the WHO, dismissed allegations regarding organ harvesting in China as “rumors.”

In a September 2017 interview with the Washington Post, he claimed that the number of foreigners coming to China for transplants is “really very low” compared to other countries and that Beijing has reformed.

Moreover, the WHO helped the CCP set up a working group that in turn helped China create an organ and tissue donation system that the CCP uses as a smokescreen to hide the crimes of organ theft. This ‘task force’ is headed by Huang Jiefu and Wang Haibo, both founders of forced organ harvesting in China.

For the journalist, the head of the WHO and the International Transplantation Society should long ago have been replaced and prosecuted for their involvement in organ harvesting.

Tackling transplant tourism

Gutman proposes a radical way to end transplant tourism: use Google’s services to process all those seeking to buy organs, which are offered in advertisements from Chinese hospitals and transplant centers, and do not allow Chinese surgeons and doctors to participate in conferences and events outside China.

Gutmann, with a chuckle, admits that he doesn’t think Google would be willing to provide its services to the FBI to arrest people seeking transplants in China, but it would be a very effective way.

The demonization of practitioners blocks efforts to raise awareness

Another panelist, Susie Hughes, executive director of ETAC (End Transplant Abuse in China), pointed out that one way the CCP undermined the efforts of activists and victims of Falun Dafa persecution outside China was to dehumanize practitioners, demonizing them, a method used by the Nazis to rally public support against the Jews.

The fact that many governments and legislators around the world have believed CCP leaders when they tell them that practitioners have political agendas that are anti-China, etc., has resulted in practitioners losing credibility and many initiatives being watered down.

China’s transplant boom after 1999

One of the exponents, a former Chinese military officer who managed to go into exile in the United States and has firsthand knowledge of the CCP’s methodology, offered some examples of hospitals that began transplanting organs when the persecution of Falun Dafa began.

Over a period of more than 20 years prior to 1999, the cumulative number of liver transplants in China was only 135 cases, which means an average of 5 or 6 cases per year.

During an eight-year period from 1991 to 1998, there were 78 cases of liver transplantation, which is an average of 9.7 cases per year, and China was one of the most underdeveloped states in the field of organ transplantation.

However, from 1999 onwards the number of transplants grew exponentially.

From 1999 to 2006 there were 40,085 liver transplants during that eight-year period, an average of more than 1,760 cases per year, a 180-fold increase over the previous eight years.

These figures come from public data from the Chinese regime.

Free transplants

An alarming aspect of transplants in China is that patients are offered “spare” organs, meaning that if one fails, there is an organ repository, or people available to be killed for their organs.

These hospitals perform up to 24 simultaneous transplants on the same day, this availability is frightening when you consider that for every organ, someone will be killed.

In April 2006, Bunan People’s Hospital launched a commercial advertisement offering 23 free liver and kidney transplants. This kind of thing happens all over the country, says the ex-military officer.

The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, which he heads, has collected more than 300 pieces of audio and video evidence. In some of them, hospital directors openly admit to using Falun Gong practitioners to harvest their organs, given their good physical condition.

A genocide invisible to the Chinese population

The last panelist, Dr. Lin, a survivor of the Tiananmen Massacre, explained that this genocide against practitioners is carried out in a way that people who are not involved in it are not aware of.

Given the total control of the media in China by the state, organ harvesting, in particular, is invisible to ordinary people.

The U.S. Secretary of State should declare the persecution of Falun Gong genocide

Citing the words of Ms. Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute, Dr. Lin asserted that the irrefutable evidence that the CCP is destroying the lives of Falun Gong practitioners meets the definition of genocide under international law.

Therefore, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken should immediately direct his Global Criminal Justice Department to review the findings of the UN experts and the extensive evidence gathered to determine that the persecution of Falun Gong in China is genocide, just as he reaffirmed the genocide against the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

It’s been 22 years since the CCP began to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners and despite being the biggest and most severely oppressed group in China, it has received little or no media coverage, giving a false impression that such atrocities are not happening.

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