European parliaments successively passed resolutions to support Taiwan. Following France and the Netherlands, the Irish Senate also unanimously passed a resolution to support Taiwan this week.

After two hours of heated discussions, the resolution was unanimously agreed to on December 1st, The Irish Times reported. 

Initiated by seventeen senators in the upper house of the Irish parliament, including senator Michael McDowell, the resolution called on the Irish government to support Taiwanese people’s freedoms and liberties and raise its voice against the Chinese Communist Party’s prolonged human rights abuses in China.

The resolution requires the Irish government to increase interaction with the Taiwan government and its people. 

It reiterated its opposition to force in any attempt to resolve the Taiwan Strait issue.

The resolution condemned the CCP’s effort to exclude Taiwan from international organizations and joint international humanitarian initiatives.

Before the debate, McDowell criticized pro-CCP senator Ceann Comhairle. Comhairle sent a letter to the Oireachtas, the legislature of Ireland, warning other members of parliament not to insult the Chinese regime by engaging with Taiwan. McDowell said that he acknowledged Ireland’s economic links with China, but that did not mean he had to avert his eyes or close his mouth regarding China’s human rights abuses.

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