On Wednesday, Jan. 8, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) announced that an earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale occurred in southeast Borazjan, Iran, and hit at a depth of approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

According to the Washington Times, the earthquake occurred 64 kilometers (40 miles) from the site of the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

According to USGS reports, it was a natural event unrelated to the attacks that the air force of the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out against U.S. bases hours earlier and other events that maintain tension in the region.

The Iranian nuclear power plant had already experienced a similar episode at the end of last December, when an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 was recorded at a depth of some 38.3 kilometers. According to CNN, the complex that was inaugurated in 2010 is the first civil reactor in the Middle East.

The Bushehr region’s climate is desert. It is a vast plain that extends along the coastal region of the Persian Gulf and is located about 1,218 kilometers (756.8 miles) south of Tehran, the Iranian capital.

Hours before the earthquake, a Ukrainian commercial plane was reported to have crashed in Tehran killing all 170 inside, and according to Iranian news agencies, the aircraft fell shortly after takeoff due to technical failures.

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