Thousands of Iranian citizens have demonstrated during the last weeks demanding the fall of the Islamist dictatorial regime, focusing criticism on the top dictator Ali Khamenei who has been in power since 1989. In recent days the protests reached the capital, Tehran, and protesters were recorded clamoring for the death of their rulers. However, police forces violently repressed protestors on several occasions. 

The protests began almost two weeks ago initially due to water shortages and the government’s mismanagement of the scarce resource in the country’s interior. However, the root of the unrest lies in decades of tyranny by the theocratic dictatorship and the constant abuse of human rights inflicted on the people. 

In a recent series of videos, crowds of protesters are marching through the main streets of the Iranian capital, some on foot and others in cars and motorcycles honking their horns. Although the protests were always peaceful, some angry protesters could be heard shouting “death of the dictator” and “supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, shame on you, leave our nation alone,” as reported by the Times Of Israel.

Another video shared on social media shows citizens chanting, “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I give my life for Iran,” about the Iranian regime’s continued investment in strengthening foreign terrorist groups at the expense of its citizens.

Following the same rhetoric of communist dictatorships, the Iranian totalitarian regime tries to impose on its population the idea that the blame for all the miseries they suffer is exclusively due to the policies implemented by the United States. However, these discourses are no longer considered valid by its citizens who demonstrate their weariness. 

Other videos released last week show situations in which the police intervened with violence.

Reports document that the Iranian regime’s security forces have killed several protesters, including Amnesty International members who referred to the Iranian police as the “illegal force” to suppress peaceful protests.

“Iran’s security forces have deployed illegal force to crush peaceful protests in Khuzestan. The systematic impunity that continues to claim lives in Iran must end,” reads the message sent by Amnesty International.

Support for the Iranian people has not been slow in coming from a section of the international community. 

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized Iran’s leaders while calling on the Biden administration to end nuclear talks with the dictatorial regime.

“The ayatollahs have said exactly what they want, and it boils down to just six words: death to America, death to Israel,” she wrote. Given this starting point, Haley claimed that Biden “must not sign a deal with Iran.”

Last month Iran also came under fire from the international community when a senior official said during an interview that executing children who committed a crime does not represent a human rights violation.

Majid Tafreshi’s statements were in response to a series of criticisms of the Iranian government by the United Nations regarding the government’s recurrent killing of children accused of crimes.