The Indian Army foiled an invasion attempt by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the border of Sikkim, India. At least 20 soldiers were wounded in the clash, which reportedly took place on Jan. 20, but information only came to light on Monday. 

According to Indian media India Today, there was an armed clash between Indian and Chinese troops on Jan. 20, following an unsuccessful attempt by the CCP to violate the limits established on the Sikkim border. Although at least 20 Chinese soldiers were reportedly injured, the conflict was resolved on the spot and no reinforcements had to be called in.

According to published reports, the Chinese soldiers had attempted to cross the border last week, but were challenged by Indian soldiers in the Naku La area of the Sikkim border, who successfully attempted to stop the PLA’s advance, resulting in a violent clash, which left several injured and high tension between the governments of the two countries.

Reports of injuries, however, vary in other media and there is still no official confirmation from the Chinese regime, which, according to the communist propaganda news agency Global Times, qualified the news of last week’s clash as “false.”

Indian soldiers respected the protocol pertaining to the controversial situation and managed to push back the PLA despite hostile weather conditions in northern Sikkim.

“#India foils #China’s attempt to transgress across border at #NakuLa in #Sikkim.(@Rahulshrivstv / @ShivAroor)”

“There is no record of this incident in the frontline patrolling records of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA),” the Global Times said in a report on Jan. 25.

The news of the “minor clash” came after recent reports that the Chinese had built 101 houses inside Indian territory in the disputed border region of Arunachal Pradesh and also after military commanders from both sides participated in the ninth round of corps commanders’ level talks on Jan. 24.

The Indian army, which did acknowledge the existence of the clash, in an attempt to reassure its population, requested in a statement to the media not “exaggerate” reports of the events.

“We have received several inquiries about a clash between the Indian Army and PLA troops in the Sikkim sector. It is clarified that there was a minor clash in Nakula area in North Sikkim on January 20, 2021 and the same was resolved by local commanders as per established protocols. The media is requested to refrain from exaggeration,” the report said.

India and China have a history of clashes in the area, where a fierce and bloody conflict occurred last year, as also happened along other borders.

Former President Trump gave his unconditional support to the Indian authorities regarding their conflicts with the CCP and also succeeded in considerably deepening trade relations between the United States and India.

Now it’s President Joe Biden’s turn, who is not yet clear in his message, but judging by his leftist interests and his globalist agenda in common with the Chinese Communist Party, it is expected that U.S. support for India will dissolve completely.

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