India’s omicron cases have risen rapidly, reaching 415 across 17 Indian states. The Modi administration has stepped up its immunization effort, reaching 88% of India’s 944 million eligible people with at least one dose and 61% with both.

In response to an increase in the omicron coronavirus variant instances across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday, Dec.25, that the government would begin distributing COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to healthcare and frontline workers on January 10.

According to Modi, the administration has begun taking preventive measures for healthcare and frontline personnel. After a second wave of the virus killed thousands of healthcare workers and patients in the summer, the government will help protect people with this booster dose campaign.

As the world’s second-most populous country prepares for a potential surge in coronavirus infections owing to the rapidly spreading omicron variant, India has also authorized the Merck COVID-19 tablet and two more vaccines for emergency usage.

In a clinical trial, Merck’s antiviral tablet Molnupiravir has been proven to cut hospitalizations and mortality by about 30% in some high-risk adult patients.

As actions are implemented to increase oxygen supply and bolster the country’s health infrastructure, the emergency permissions are timely.

To avoid another disaster, medical experts have recommended that India redouble its efforts to vaccinate its population, especially in remote areas with few healthcare services. Facemasks and other COVID-19 protocols were among Modi’s requests for people.

The federal government has stressed against overcrowding during the holiday season, and a few states have largely outlawed public gatherings.

Compared to one month ago, the number of infections among the nation’s 1.3 billion residents has decreased by about half. A few days ago, India had the second-highest global number of infections, at 34.78 million, behind only the United States.

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