Last week in northern India, a landslide overwhelmed vehicles and destroyed a bridge, killing at least nine tourists and injuring three others.

A video captured the horrific moment rocks plummeted down a mountain and smashed into the Himalayan village of Chitkul, splitting a bridge in half and damaging roads and buildings, the BBC reported.

The incident was reported on Sunday, July 25, in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

A minivan crushed by the boulders was carrying visitors from Delhi who were in Chitkul on their way to the nearby village of Sangla, the Daily Mail said.

The incident also left three others with injuries, one of them was a local who was wounded when the landslide pounded their home. 

Heavy rain was thought to be the cause of the event, as local officials said that rocks had been falling from the mountains over two days as torrential rain passed through the area.

“Deeply saddened by the news of the death of many people in a landslide in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh,” said President Ram Nath Kovind. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared his condolence to the victims of the landslide. BBC revealed that he had promised a government relief fund to those who were affected.

India goes through a monsoon period annually between June and September. The season usually brings heavy downpours.

Flooding and landslides during this season are not rare. In addition, poorly constructed structures and walls frequently disintegrate after days of heavy rain.

In recent weeks, severe landslides and floods brought about by the monsoon had affected many parts of India. In the country’s Western region, at least 136 lives were lost, and hundreds of people evacuated. Dozens are missing, and houses floated away because of the massive amount of rainwater.

According to Roxy Koll, a climate scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, this year’s season was “unprecedented, but not unexpected,” reported The Guardian.

“We already see a threefold rise in widespread extreme rains that cause floods across India,” he tweeted.

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